Friday, January 7, 2011

Friend Friday - Comparing Success

Katy's blog is without a doubt  a very successful blogger.  This week, she's asked us to think about success.  Don't forget to check out her blog to read more about what others think!
1. Have you ever looked at someone's blog and thought yours will never measure up?

I definitely had that thought in the beginning when I stumbled upon a fashion blog and decided to create my own, particularly when said person (who will remain nameless) specifically complained about the details of blogs like mine that she couldn't stand (ones that include personal details, ones that show less than awesome outfits, ones that had more words than pictures). However, I barely glance at her blog in my reader any more, and have set my aspirations on different blogs which I enjoy. And now, rather than seeing these blogs as something I must try to measure up to, I see them each as unique in their own way. I'm quite happy with where my blog is right now.

2. Do you (did you) feel pressure to meet some kind of undefined standard for fashion bloggers?

Now that I know another fashion blogger in the city, I'll admit that I'm feeling some pressure to create a worthy outfit for days when our paths cross! But in all honesty, the pressure I feel right now to meet some undefined standard is a positive one: working from home is very tempting to forget any clothing all together except sweats and t-shirts. Having this blog and being part of this community encourages me to care about how I present myself, even if it's just to me.

3. Many established fashion bloggers are also extraordinary DIYers, bakers, and crafty people. Do you think you need to combine all of these things to be successful at blogging?

I don't think you need to combine them to be successful. While I don't share a lot of my crafty side on this blog (I did have another blog for that kind of stuff, which has fallen by the wayside), I do think it does help a bit, particularly when there are certain sweaters or skirts I can't find in stores, but really want. Plus, being able to do some of your own tailoring is a godsend.

4. The most successful blogs are the ones that have their own personal voice - how are you developing your voice or how did you find yours? 

I've always had a very strong writing voice (which was made quite apparent when I used to write essays for my little boyfriend back in high school). I had a personal blog, and then a newspaper column, so the only adjustment was how much of myself to share on this blog. I'll admit the writing isn't quite so polished – I definitely wouldn't refer a potential employer here (and no amount of searching for me by name will bring them here), but I like that it's my little private/public soap box.

5. Toot your own horn... what's one thing you do that is unique to you and your blog? What gives your blog an edge?

I'm not sure there is any one thing that is unique to my blog. I used to do theme weeks, back when I was looking for inspiration and a way to create my own style. I used to think I was unique because I spent so much time working from home, but it's beginning to seem like lots of others do too (and I think Matt wins the prize for most unique work-from-home blog!). I'm not necessarily striving for being unique, I'm just striving to be me, and if that is unique, then good on me!


  1. Hi Cara......nice to see you!! Love your FF answers!! I just did my very first post today....good for you for being unique:)

  2. Cara! I feel the same way about lookin' gooood for Thurs trivia!!

  3. Oooh..I want to know who you are talking about in #1! I certainly don't agree with her criticism of blogs - I love person details, lots of pictures, and too many words can be hard to stick with.
    As for #4, did you get caught writing essays for your boyfriend? Hilarious!
    The Auspicious Life

  4. I definitely enjoyed reading your answers to this one! Its been interesting to read about other people searching niches... for myself... its quite ironic... I partially started my blog to blend in. On the other hand, whatever my "niche" is, I'm not sure I would wish such an "obvious" niche on anyone else. (Hah... I'm trying to decide if I'm the Matt you're referring too, btw...) Oh, and I really enjoy your blog... for me... I really enjoy that fact that people choose to share what they do, and that fashion can bring so many diverse backgrounds together in one place. :)


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