Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going off the charts

And here's an example of a complete deviation from spreadsheet! Since I only put in half my hours yesterday at my part-time job, I went back in today to finish it up, which meant not only getting up two days in a row, it meant getting dressed two days in a row.  Now, this may be proof that I am nearing that age where I'm ready to leave school, but I kind of liked it!  Of course, I also liked leaving at noon, again.

In any event, my casual outfit just wouldn't cut it.  However, since it wasn't my scheduled work day, I didn't exactly feel like coming up with something professional looking.  Inspiration failure was setting in until I saw Jo from Daily Haiku wear this outfit

Of course, I was a little worried it was going to be too professional for my "I don't want to be professional add", so I added some personal touches.  While the jacket may or may not be "totally 2 years ago" I liked in informality of it, and the splash of colour.  To keep the drama, I went with a nearly monochromatic look. The socks over the tights with the boots doesn't really come through in the pictures, but I assure you it's awesome.

I loved the outfit all day, but I just couldn't get a decent picture of it.  Don't you hate when that happens?

And for those of you who have been commenting:  thank you so much!  Unfortunately, Blogger is glitching out on me and no longer sending me alerts, so I'm a little behind in checking out your blogs!  Sorry!


  1. Don't you just hate those days, when you love your outfit but the pictures never come together the way you want. I love the monochromatic-ness here too, especially with the pop of red. I think we were on the same wavelength today!

  2. I know what you mean about the photos...these photos look great though! I love the red and the gray together. Would looooove to see a close up on the pattern of the dress though!

    Are outside photos possible? They (usually) seem to work better for me, since I don't have the proper equipment for indoor lighting. I know it's not always an option though!

  3. Blogger can be mean sometimes.

    This might be one of my very favorite outfit of yours! That bright red is great on you, the dress is stunning and I love the tights with the socks and boots. You look awesome!

  4. I love this outfit. I agree with Melissa that this is probably one of my favorite outfits you've ever blogged. Not only is the color palette great, the shape of the dress is amazing on you. I love the little red jacket. It's perfect.

  5. That's the spirit! I love the risk taker part of you, just jumpin' right to the challenge!

    I promise you'll love it!



  6. This is an amazing outfit - that dress is just killer on you! Pfft, who cares how old the jacket is? Two years is practically vintage these days! ;)

  7. Hey Cara, I'm so glad I could help with some inspiration :) I had to laugh that when I saw you weren't kidding when you said you might wear it the very next day!

  8. Super cute!! I love the pop of color, and ugh... I definitely have outfits that refuse to photograph well. And you can dress like a professional even if you don't want to be one just yet. (Hah, look at me... er... sorta...). I love the socks and the boots too!! Fabulous! :)


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