Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

DaniellaBella tagged with with the Stylish Blogger award this last week, a nice way to boost my self-esteem on a day I was rather prone to wallowing!  The rules of this award are two reveal 7 random things about yourself, and then tag some (seven, I think) people.  While I won't be passing this on - having lost track of who has done what, I will definitely relish in the joy of the award and take a self-indulgent moment to talk about my favourite subject, me!

I had originally started this last night, when I couldn't sleep (the downstairs neighbours were throwing a party.  At one point, the yelling was so loud I thought someone was in our apartment.  Did I mention I live in a concrete building??).  This morning, as we enter day 3 of Cara's "Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day" funk, I thought that rather than allowing myself to drivel on about how much I hate my neighbours, my apartment, my city, and winter, I'd add another requirement: I'd write 7 thinks for which I'm thankful, and that make me happy in hopes of kicking myself out of the grumps. Of course, I did get the idea from Daniella - she has taken to ending her entries listing something for which she is thankful. 

Mine are in no particular order

1.  Scott:  I love and adore that man.  There are times when he makes it difficult to remember why, but usually if I wait an hour, a few reasons become so apparent that even if I'm still grumpy, I can't deny them.  His sense of humour, creativity, and absolute dedication to me always make up for his inability to put the toaster away, remember to do something I've just asked him to do or pick up his socks from the middle of the hallway.  Sure, it's going to be tough spending "the rest of my life" with some of his ADD-behaviour, but it would be harder spending "the rest of me life" without him. 

2.  Kinect: I know, it's a little weird having a video game system on here, but ultimately, it's related to number one.  As a fitness fanatic, who can't bring myself to drag myself to the gym in the middle of winter to get really sweaty before going out in frigid temperatures, the minute I saw the physical benefits of a game system, I was on Scott's case to buy one.  Even though it was out of range with our budget, since we needed both the XBOX and the Kinect sensor.  Knowing how moving keeps me happy when winter makes me sad, Scott was amazingly selfless.  He sold a collection of comics books (The Walking Dead for those who are interested) to make up the money we'd need to get one.  Every time I turn the system on (which is daily), I remember that and it makes the workout that much more special.

3.  Family: It feels cliché writing that down, but true nonetheless. Moving to a different province has been hard.  Most of the people my age have lived here their entire lives, and are still friends with those they have been friends with since high school or kindergarten, making it very difficult to break into any friend group.  Of course, it's also hard to be friends with a couple who openly count down how much time there is left until they move back home.  In any event, I've spent more time on the phone, in emails, or on Skype with my family than I'd ever anticipated.  While it does make it harder to be away from them, knowing I'm missing out on things like my niece's first visit to the place I immediately think of when I think of "home," it also makes it easier, knowing that regardless of where I am, they're always just a phone call away.  (Great: how do I top that one?)

4.  This blog: The entries on here are getting more and more cathartic, and on the one hand, I do apologize to you all.  However, being able to write, well, anything, just helps alleviate the loneliness that doesn't just come from my bad attitude about this city, but also from being at a point in my program where I spend countless hours alone in my office, having discussions with pieces of paper that don't answer back, but are usually right.  The first piece of advice a prof gave me was to make sure I did something every week that wasn't school related, and that brought me into contact with people.  While I don't think she meant a blog, I also knew I would need daily contact with some world in order to avoid going crazy.  While I do also have weekly activities with "real" people, you have become my sanity savers through your comments!

5. Pirated cable: My grandfather (who worked in Telecommunications and Media until he retired) would undoubtedly have a fit if he discovered we were receiving basic cable and not paying for it, but it's a life saver (in my defense: I did tell the tech who set up our cable internet that we would not be getting cable and to disconnect it).  After arguing with pieces of paper all day (seriously, that's what I do:  I don't always argue with them outloud, I often put my arguments onto pieces of paper too), my brain is often so fried that even Mario Kart feels like a complex challenge.  Cue the crappy TV!!  Whether it's feeling smug about my superb financial knowledge while watching Downsized, Til Debt Do Us Part, and Princess, or participating in cultural norms in watching Glee, How I Met Your Mother and Raising Hope, realizing the fear that DeLillo aptly presents in White Noise (that we're all just sponges for TV, and nothing is real unless it's presented through the media) is possibly the most relaxing and best part of my day.

6.  My bed:  Around 3:30, the noise had subsided from the party downstairs, and I'd returned from getting a glass of water, I snuggled into my pillow top bed, pulled up my fluffy duvet, fluffed my pillow and thought: "This is what it's like to be in a cloud" before drifting off to sleep.  As mean as it sounds, there is nothing I like more than when Scott's alarm barely rouses me when it goes off at 5 in the morning, and while I'm not even conscious enough to realize the horrors his poor body must be going through waking up at that time, I do know that I get to roll into the middle, and make a bigger nest out of ALL the pillows, and sleep in absolute comfort for a few hours until my alarm goes off. While I still think of my parents' place as "home", when I refer to this apartment as "home," I really do just mean my bed!!

7.  My wedding:  I may be eschewing some of the more traditional bridezilla characteristics:  Rather than wanting to feel like a princess, I insisted my dress have pockets so I could put stuff in them, like candy or frogs (or candy frogs!!).  I'm not planning on having my whole entourage "help me get ready," my interest in decorating the reception hall is limited to : "plunking down the centrepieces".  I bought shoes that were not only sensible, but on sale.  And my general thought is: "Why the hell would I spend that much on a (fill on object filled with archaic tradition such as: garter, bouquet, etc.)".  That's not to say I'm ignoring the details (I just refer to it as a marketing strategy), or I'm not excited about the wedding (173 days!! 173 days!!).  I just want the emphasis to be where the emphasis should be: on us, and the vows we're making.  I'm trying the best I can to make our 150-guest list wedding as personal and intimate as if we eloped. 

Wow - that actually worked.  I'm not saying I'm a cheerful ray of sunshine, but I'm content.  I could easily go on for 70 more thing, and I'm rather in awe of all the ways I've been blessed.  Thanks, Daniella, you've helped me put things into perspective!


  1. Those are awesome, Cara! I really enjoyed the positive spin you put on all your random things - and it's good to read about the little (and big!) things in your life that make you "you". My favourite blogs, by the way, are not always the pure fashion blogs; they're the ones where I feel like I can get to know the person on the other end, like yours. :)

    Have a good Sunday!

  2. Those were all fantastic! And as a recent maid of honor, I feel you on the wedding stuff. My sister was the same as you, and it actually came together beautifully. Many admit that it's their fav wedding besides their own. I'm sure yours will be just as awesome! (Especially if he was willing to sell The Walking Dead. Wow. That just proves he's a total keeper) Yes, I'm a comic book nerd, and yes, I"m okay with it...

  3. Yay! You totally deserve the award! And thank you for sharing those 7 things! Sorry to hear about your difficulties where you live... And weddings... my wife and I got married a little over 3 years ago... and it was... an "experience"... long story short... its a long story. But it sounds like you're having a reasonable experience though... I hope it goes well. Yay for having an awesome fiance and family though!!! :)


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