Tuesday, January 4, 2011

There's nothing like a 3 week vacation to make you forget your password

Yup, walked into work today, and completely blanked on my password. 

Since it had been so long, I decided I should try again to make a good first impression on my coworkers.  It's a good thing I have this blog, so I'd have been sorely disappointed.  Only one coworker was in today. 

What I love about this outfit is the colour.  There's something about fuchsia and navy that just makes me so happy!  I'm really hoping it works well with my skin - not so much in terms of complimentary colours to my skin tone, but in terms of making me paler.  My hives have flared up exponentially since I got back after Christmas making me fear that I'm allergic to my apartment.  Since I can't really change that (and yes, I've quadruple checked for bed bugs this last week, and no I don't have any), I'm going to keep pretending the reactions are triggered by food.  If changing my laundry detergent (again), or switching to a histamine-reduced diet (starting next week) doesn't work, I'm going gluten-free.  Hillary, look forward to me soliciting your advice!!

Fortunately, my co-worker also suffers from allergies, so we comiserated together over coffee.  Hopefully he then put two and two together and realized the red welts on my neck were indeed from hives, and not evidence of any licentious activity. 

Oh!  And that was the other interesting thing about this outfit:  I picked up some nude fishnet stockings.  I don't know, ladies, I'm not sold.  I thought they make my thighs look like pimpled chicken skin, and my ankles look like burlap sacks.  They did a great job of masking any hives, but you know what, so do opaque cotton tights, and they make me feel a little less freakish. 


  1. I like the microfishnets - I might have gone with a darker shade, though. However, whatever works for you!

    Love the shoes - I just gave away mine like that.

  2. Super cute!! I love the skirt and the shoes are just too freaking cute! Fabulous outfit! Hah, sorry your forgot your password, but that is kinda funny! And bummer about the hives! I hope you figure it out and get better soon! I've kinda been wanting to try the nude fishnets, but I've yet to find a pair in my size! :)


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