Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Use your imagination

No outfit today.  I did put it on and head off to work, and it looked cute, but I, on the other hand, looked so red, splotchy, itchy and ill that I made a phone call to Scott begging him to pick me up from work for fear of not containing the little bit of food I force-fed myself this morning if I climbed back on the bus.

So if you're interested in imagining what I wearing, check yesterday's post and use your imagination (which will be hard since it was debuting a shirt [though it was in my "what to wear to a funeral post"] and a new pair of shoes). 

But since I have very little to offer you today, I will let you know that I've finally set up an email account for this blog.  It is carascloset1@gmail.com.  Feel free to ask a question, suggest an idea, or simply say hi!!

Now I'm off to convince Scott to make me chicken noodle soup, as the allergy meds very definitely are making me too loopy to be trusted with any potentially dangerous appliance.  

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  1. So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. :( But yay for the email account. :)


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