Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warm Winter??

I am so excited about this outfit.  It's not even on yet, and I'm excited.  Just watch, it won't work when I put it all together.

In my mind, I love the outfit for a number of reasons.  One, it is both comfortable and pulled together.  Two, I'm all about saturated colours this week.  Yes, I do think I need more pattern in my life (still... it's been a problem since day one), but I really love putting colours together like this, especially when they're saturated.  While yesterday I loved Navy with Fuchsia, today, I love Navy with Forest Green with Ivory.  The outfit needs the ivory to keep from being too dark, I think (I could take or leave the belt yesterday)

This sweater was the only clothing item I got for Christmas that I didn't purchase for myself (as neither my gift to myself nor part of a gift card).  In all honesty, it's probably the only item on there that I I would have been upset if it wasn't under the tree.  I almost bought something similar before Christmas, but I'm glad I resisted.  My parents searched through a couple cities to find this (I don't care whether that means that I'm head of the curve or behind it), and eventually found it at Tommy Hilfiger.  While I've long been a proponent of "dress with quality and fit, not name", I love when I get something by a notable brand that fits and feels great.

Ok, the wool is a little itchy on my allergy prone skin right now, but that's why there's long sleeve shirts!

It is a nice enough day here that I could not only take pictures outside, but I could also convince Scott, whose been sick since before Christmas to come outside and take them for me!!


  1. You look lovely, Cara! I like the belt. I also love getting a quality item from a good brand - I've had a few good Tommy pieces over the years.

  2. Lovely cardi! It doesn't matter the brand (name or no-name) if it's something you love. Also you look like you're feeling a little better, I hope you are.

    Also the answer to my subject title - It's the tagline for Cowboy Bebop.

  3. Nice of your parents to put in the hard work to find what you wanted!

  4. Super cute outfit!! I LOVE the sweater!! And definitely getting some nicer brands is always a fun experience! (Especially for me... heh, I feel special when I can afford a pair of Nine West shoes... anyway...). And yay for outdoor pictures!! That's awesome! Glad you guys had a ... "warm" spell! :)


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