Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ok, you're getting Friday's outfit as part of my "Weekend" post.  There are two reasons for this: one, I didn't post it on Friday as I don't think "Posting Under the Influence" is a good idea, and two, I had Scott take pics while I was under the influence, and this one just makes me laugh!!  This outfit didn't get as much wear as I had hoped: I had planned for it to go from thesis writing, to a conference organizational meeting, then out with one of Scott's friends and his subsequent girlfriend who were in town for the night.  However, somewhere between the meeting (at which I was told my job was to finish the pitchers of beer that were bought by the faculty rep) and heading out for the night, I got bored with it, and changed before the night took us to the friends' hotel room, then an unexpected trip to the casino. Oddly, I walked out of the casino almost $150 ahead of when we walked in!  I'm still far too logical to really think about gambling as a way to increase my income, which is probably a good thing.

I definitely don't think it highlights what the outfit properly, so I won't discuss it.

However, today, I feel cute and adorble.  It's our Engagiversary (Scott proposed a year ago today), and it's hovering around the freezing mark with lots and lots of sun (unfortunately, lots and lots of wind, too!).  In honour of the occasion and the weather, I opted for a dress.  I LOVED the look of Erin's outfit last week (I seriously cannot get enough for that hooded jacket!!!), so I tried my best to replicate it. 

So far it's been a great day.  I got to sleep in, having dreams of wonderfully long hair.  Then we continued on our trek of church shopping (I'm going with this one being a win... yeah!!).  Then, we spent our winnings at Best Buy on random geekery and gaming accessories.  After late lunch at a Mongolian restaurant, we've settled into an afternoon of relaxing and playing with our new gadgets (well, I got another Wiimote, so that's not quite as exciting, but I did figure out how to play the music on my computer through my XBOX 360 in the living room). Tonight, we're being super cheesy and recreating our engagement night, hopefully this year without me being super grumpy, falling asleep in the middle of the movie, and then Scott angrily proposing when I woke up a couple hours later: "Oh look, it's a pocket.  Oh, look, there's a ring in the pocket".


  1. I love that you took an "under the influence" picture. That cracks me up.

    You DO look cute and adorable today! Have you enjoyed church shopping? I don't find it to be much fun. I wish I could just settle down somewhere...

  2. Congrats on your engagiversary! I hope you had a great time. You look fantastic. I gotta agree with Melissa, you're "under the influence" picture made me giggle.

  3. Aw, adorable. Totally adorable :)

  4. Ha! Cute! I like the dance and the floral dress! And the proposal story!

  5. Hehe... posting under the influence definitely doesn't sound safe. Cute picture (and outfit) though! And wow... $150 ahead? Cool. :) Oh my gosh... I adore your second outfit! Too cute! And awww... recreating engagements... aww... and I love the story of it!! :)


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