Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You wear what you eat

No, no, no, I didn't spill on myself (again).  Rather, I had a realization about how food impacts what we wear.  There's the obvious: wearing those stretchy waistband pants at Thanksgiving.  However, I've noticed that since I dropped the histamine-restricted diet (it wasn't preventing hives, nor was I enjoying, well, any of it) and binged out on the "taboo foods", I've been having trouble putting outfits together.

It's not that I'm worrying about how things fit me (most of my clothes are entering the stretched out phase, so a little more jiggle and wiggle would probably fill them out better!), it wasn't that I had any less clothes (besides the fact that the gross food has made me more prone to lying on the couch instead of doing laundry).  No, I'm really starting to think that high fat, high salt, high carb, low fibre, low nutrient, low maintenance (I don't even walk to the McD's down the block - I send Scott!) "comfort" food really does the opposite: it makes me feel so uncomfortable in my own skin.  I was totally "blah" about yesterday's outfit but it had such positive feedback, I figured I had to be wrong. Thanks for all the wonderful words!!

Today, I went casual, and feel kind of child-like (in a good way!)


  1. I think you're right, that's a very astute observation.

    You look absolutely cute in this, I love the plaid layered under the pink sweater. So cute!

  2. Sweet and fun look great in pink...LOVE the vest!!

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  3. I like the pink and gingham together! Like a party!

  4. You're so right about the so-called comfort foods! They are awful for your body - I am a big proponent of eating real food/whole food. It really makes you feel better knowing that your food hasn't been processed with added salt, sugar and god knows what else.

    Love the pink on you, Cara!

  5. Super cute outfit!! I love the pink top and the rolled up jeans are great! I definitely agree... food can definitely seriously affect my mood, and it does bleed into how I dress. Feeling gross after eating usually means I won't dress up for my blog, for instance. (Hah, um, there's an interesting aspect of "menswear" in my life...) Although I do find the avoiding carbs helps my mood (more so than high fat actually). :)


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