Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A few months ago, (and I can't find the post), I mentioned something about my braces and got a few comments about: "You have braces?"  Since outfit posts are limited as of late, I figured it would be a good time to do a post on the joys and pains of orthodontia.

I'm on my second round of braces, having had braces from grade 8 through grade 12 the first time.  Why the second chance?  The easy answer: shifting.  However, it was a combination of lack of use of retainers, wisdom teeth and a dislocated jaw that caused the recurrence.  I couldn't find a before picture, so here is my first pic with my top braces on - they quite accurately show the issue that I was worried about (sorry, it was a cell phone pic!)

The picture was taken at the end of April.  We aren't quite at a year yet, but I took some pics before and after my last ortho appointment so you can see my progress AND some of the weird stuff they put on my teeth:

The pictures are in the wrong order, but they don't want to switch for me.  My braces are Damons, which are faster than the older bracket & wire system. It took some persuading, but my orthodontist agreed to put on 6 ceramic brackets (which often take longer) so they wouldn't be as obvious in my wedding pictures, since he couldn't guarantee they'd be off in time for the wedding.  In the picture on the left (my current "set up"), I have a thread over the front 6, along with a spring on each side.  Right now, we're working at closing up some of the spaces that have formed.  In the picture on the right, I have 2 elastics which were perfecting my bite, and a wire figure 8 over the front 6 to prevent more spaces from forming (this new system reduces the need for teeth to be pulled, but unfortunately, I had teeth pulled in the first set, so I have been creating all kinds of gaps).

Now if I remember correctly, the first time the closing of gaps was towards the end, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. That just sounds painful. Holy cow. I hope they're off in time for the wedding but if not, you are beautiful with them too!

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  3. know nothing about braces... and I found this to be educational. I've thought about getting them once though. Thanks for sharing this! (Oh, and sorry about the deleted comment, I realized I made a stupid typo... meh... anyway...) :)


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