Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brrr! It's cold out there!

After an unseasonably warm week, we had an unseasonably cold day.  And of course, it had to be a day that I had to go outside.  While I usually don't wear jeans to, after last week's late bus, I knew I wanted to be prepared for a much more hostile wait. 

I also wanted to wear the shirt and shoes from the other week when I was sick. 

The shirt confuses me because it goes from grey and white striped (with ruffles!! Yeah!! ruffles make me so happy!) to solid black.  Without a black skirt, a buttoned sweater or a belt, it always seems unfinished. Of course, with any of those three items, I have countless options (and yes, I'm a little OCD about my clothing!)

The shoes (also with ruffles - that's my theme for the day!!) I purchased with the Christmas money from Scott's grandparents.  I've been needing grey shoes, so the minute we were back home, I put through the order.  They're a perfect fit with socks, and a quick addition of an insole, and they're great for barefeet / pantyhose.  Thanks Grandma Ruby and Grandpa Charlie!


  1. I love all the ruffles! Those wedges are super cute. I need to come up with cute themes for the day instead of 'eh, it was comfy'...

  2. I think it's a super cute top. Especially with the red belt. Some pieces aren't really 'finished' without accessories. I have a black dress that's impossible without a belt.

  3. I love the addition of the red belt to the shirt - it helps make the two parts much more cohesive. I would also wear that shirt underneath a dress (so that only the ruffly part shows) - less bulk that way, too.

    Those shoes are fab. FAB!

  4. The red belt is PERFECT with that top! I love it! I have a top that's similar but it's zebra print on the top.

    The ruffles are darling, too! You look awesome!

  5. I think that red belt makes the top finished! it's nice!

  6. LOVE the high belt!! what a great idea...Im freezing too...its bitter cold:(

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  7. That belting is perfect! I love the ruffles, too. My fella was just saying he thought I should get 'one of those shirts with ruffles' but I was hesitant. But you look make it look so good!

    The Auspicious Life

  8. Cute top!

    To answer your question - my pants aren't tucked into my shoes. The elastic strap across the front of my shoes makes it look like my pants are tucked in, but in reality, they're not :)

  9. I love the top!! Super cute outfit! And those shoes are adroable!! I love them! Oh, and the pop of the red belt is great with the top! :)


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