Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Capsule Wardrobe Day #3

What?  No one knew what a booter was?  Not even the other Canadians?  Maybe it's more country than Canadian.

A booter is when you step into a puddle and the water level is higher than the top of your shoe or boot, which fills with water. 

Today, I'm going to the library, going to a lecture series, vacuuming for our last PCO treatment and brainstorming for our wedding registry.  You'll note I'm alternating things I don't want to do, and things I do want to do!  I'm having difficulty making myself go to the library, since my morning consisted of bleaching some curtains (somehow the black curtains and the white curtains had a sexy time in the washing machine without my knowledge) and cleaning, neither of which was particularly fun (ok, I did have fun stirring the curtains in my bathtub with a giant plastic spoon). 

The outfit introduces my last of my 10 pieces: the pink cardigan and the black riding boots. So all together we have
1. brown winter boots
2. oxford heels
3. black riding boots
4. striped shirt
5. graphic tee
6. skinny jeans
7. silk top
8. white eyelet jacket
9. striped skirt
10. pink cardigan

I'm lacking in the accessories department - so far just
1. Studded belt
2. Chinese Laundry belt
3. black scarf

I think even with another scarf for Friday's outfit, I'll probably only have 4... I can't find most of my accessories!!


  1. Totally had no clue what a booter is.

    You look so pretty in pink! I love that silky top, too.

  2. That's not a booter, that's a soaker. At least that's what we've always called it in the nation's capital. :)

  3. Cute silky top! I had never heard the term 'booter' - but it sounds really unpleasant!

  4. I like all the pink in this - great colour for you. These looks are all so different - I bet most people would never guess you're doing a capsule.

    Strangely, considering how much rain the West coast gets, I've never heard of either "soaker" or "booter."

  5. Ah! I nearly knew! I love the colour of that pink top with the gorgeous colour of jeans!

  6. love the cardie and belt combo - wish i had a cardie and a belt in my items now!

  7. I love this outfit! The pink is a great color on you, and the belt looks fab. You look so put together and chic.

  8. Okay, catching up on posts! And I had to comment on this one since I had no idea what a booter was at all! I'm glad I didn't guess... I was wildly off. Your outfit is super cute though!! :)


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