Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EveryBody EveryWear: Blazer

I was so happy last night when I went garbage bag diving in my bathtub (in the "to be washed" pile) and found FOUR washable blazers.  Of course, it does beg the question: "if there were 4 washable... how many unwashable ones are there?  I can think of 5... wait 6). In any event, once finding a blazer, it was so much easier to come up with an outfit.  It's not exactly easy choosing clothes when you have no choice but to go by memory, but it's easier to remember once you have a colour to match.

Of course, new items come to mind faster than older stand-bys.  Since I paired this shirt with black last time, I figured I'd pull out the brown.  Well, not thrilled with it in brown.  It makes the shirt look more yellow (yes, I'm aware that the shirt IS yellow). It's bloody cold up here right now (which is actually kind of great: my pillows and non-washables are freezing on our balcony). I've got a black sweater under this shirt, two pairs of tights under the trouser jeans and I was still cold!!

Today's Dressing with Bed Bugs hint: If clothes are wrinkled and you don't have the space to iron them, stick them in the dryer with a damp towel. (Chances are, if the clothes couldn't stand the heat, you'd have already found out when you sanitized them all!)

PS - Check out Mel from A Working Mom's Closet: she's got a give-away going on!!


  1. I actually like it with the brown because it brings out the yellow. I have a top that pairing it with blue makes it seem dull, but yellow makes the blue pop. Go figure. I think that's a pretty cute outfit for being limited in your choices.

  2. Yes, the yellow stood out immediately. Which I love. If it's the brown that is to thank for that, then well done yellow.
    Those are a great pair of jeans, by the way.
    I don't know how you are managing to look this cute given all your bugs, but you did it. You look very cute.

    The Auspicious Life

  3. I really like it with the brown, Cara - this is a great colour mix, especially with the blue in the jeans (which look awesome). A brown or even yellow belt would be fab.

    Awesome outfit, considering your situation. Brava!

  4. I love the blazer with the trouser jeans! What a great combo that's put together, but not too dressy. You look great while surviving bed bugs, I'm so impressed!

  5. You look great with the brown blazer! I know how it feels when something just doesn't sit well with you though. Those days make me annoyed and unhappy. I think you look adorable! Those trouser jeans are especially fantastic on you.

  6. Love the trouser jeans. Very classy. Cold cold cold! I was nearly out the door when I thought that I should check the weather. Good thing I did or I would be a popsicle. My eyelashes froze together and then froze to my bangs! And I only walk about 1 km! Nonsense. Let's all move to Spain!

  7. Yay for washable blazers and what a cute outfit!! I love that top, and the color combo is great!! Great jeans too!! Super cute!! :)


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