Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous in February

I almost titled this post "Why I am Awesome," and that moment of egotism shot all my self-confidence.  Sigh. There is a balance to be found, and I'm still searching.

I'm diplomatic, and it's something that used to come in handy on a daily basis!  I had a boss who just didn't have a filter for what was appropriate and what wasn't appropriate in the work place. Since I knew finding another job at that rate of pay was impossible, I knew tact and diplomacy were a must.  Years later, I still feel I have both. Sure, there are times around friends when my diplomacy acts as a thin veil for my true feelings, but when I need to, I can be genuinely diplomatic!

I've become comfortable in my own skin.  I'm not talking so much about body image as personality.  I used to feel a lot of pressure to comform to various stereotypes over the years, particularly in high school, or as new love interests appeared on the horizon.  However, as friendships and relationships ended, sometime in my early twenties, I resolved that it was better to be me, alone, than be someone else, and still feel that alone.  While that did mean a lot of searching for myself and making some hilarious and hard mistakes along the way, I really feel that I have a strong sense of myself right now.

I have an adequate amount of patience.  I don't fly off the handle at random, and rarely get frustrated in public situations (when I'm at home, I may have a slightly higher tendency to do both).  I say adequate simply because I realized, when I was going through school to be a teacher, that I definitely don't have the patience of a saint. While this was one of the reasons I decided against teaching, it's something that I do strive to improve. 

No outfit post today: I'm battling a bit of a cold, and trying to get over it in a hurry: I'm seeing my niece again this weekend! I did Vitamin C and girly movies on Saturday, chicken noodle soup and Advil cold & sinus yesterday, and today's plan is pajamas (while working on thesis) then an intense cardio work out to sweat it out of me. 


  1. You are pretty fabulous, you know? I'm glad that you're comfortable being you. That's the only person who can be you and YOU are important.

    Hope you're feeling better today!

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  2. I think having a strong sense of self is a great thing. And hey, you can totally say you're awesome! Because you are! Feel better ♥

    Re comment from my post: Both sweaters are wooly blends, so they would be overwhelmingly warm until next winter.. But I've added the combination to my Winter-wear list for next cold season! Thanks!

  3. Nothing wrong with knowing you're awesome! :)

    Hope you feel better soon, Cara!

  4. I love yours b/c they are so well written and thought provoking. Especially #2. I REALLY like #2. I'm so happy you participated b/c it was great to get to know you! Hope you get well soon!

  5. You should have titled it "Why I'm awesome" I love that. That's a great skill to be diplomatic. I wish I knew the best things to same sometimes and what not to say other times. I'm sure that will get you very far. You'd be a great mom. Patient and diplomatic...

  6. I agree, you should have titled it "Why I'm awesome". I very much enjoyed reading your list (and have experienced some guilt over not being able to complete the Fabulous in February myself... anyway). Wonderful post! :)


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