Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hopefully won't have time to update the good ol' blog today: it's VALENTINE'S DAY!! Yes, I realize I'm a few days late, but the important thing is that we made the effort to spend some good quality time together. So while you're all sitting around on your computers reading blogs, we'll be
 - registering for wedding presents
 - having a leisurely lunch at a downtown cafe
 - checking into our hotel
 - swimming in a pool
 - relaxing in a hot tub
 - relaxing more in our in-suite jacuzzi
 - sleeping
 - having a lazy brunch

Be jealous.  Be very jealous.  And know that I'll look good doing it all (ok, I'm a little concerned about today's outfit, I'm afraid it's a little schizophrenic)


  1. I AM jealous! And I want to see your outfit!

  2. I'm totally jealous - So I guess that means you better enjoy it to the fullest for all of us out here who are jealous! But seriously, have a great time chilling out.


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