Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making it Work

Today, I'm focusing on having a more positive attitude. Afterall, there was no issue that a little hard work, bleach and phone call to a mechanic's shop can't help. We're also pulling together a wonderful Valentine's Day for later on this week (coincidentally when they're de-bugging us one last time) that involves a bit of culture and a bit of class.

Plus, any day that starts with getting to say: "I told you so" is a good day.  I picked up this skirt at Value Village when I made my usual trek when I was visiting my parents. My mom and I were discussing it, and she said it was a nice skirt, just not very work appropriate.  I took that as a challenge.  How did I do??

I did say I'd give Bed-Bug dressing tips on Tuesdays, so my tip today is: "Think outside your usual thoughts on 'business' and 'party' and wear what you can find!".  This skirt is definitely suited for party.  All I want to do is buy a sequined tank top and hit up a dance club. But grab a blazer, a more conservative underpinning and I'm set for the office! (Please note: I wanted to do a black blazer, but I couldn't find it. I think it's probably in the stash of clothes in Scott's trunk). I LLLOOOVVVEEE this skirt because it feels slightly Edwardian (or as Scott prefers: Tim Burtonian - though I guess that's usually more Gothic Victorian... hmm...)

Edited later to add: Ok, the skirt is too short, mostly because it acts like mini blinds being drawn up when I sit down.  Also, it's friggin' beautiful here, so the streets are soupy with melted snow, so I had to change to go grocery shopping, since I got at least 3 "booters" from the bus stop to the apartment.  (Special prize* for the first person who knows what a "booter" is!!)

Yes, I'm dancing in this picture

*Prize may not be anything tangible. 


  1. I have NO idea what a booter is but I LOVE that skirt! I WANT that skirt!!! And you totally rocked it for work. You're so awesome. :)

  2. I don't know what a booter is either. Does that make me a bad Canadian?

    I like the skirt for work - better with a cardi or blazer, but it looks great as is!

  3. Fabulous skirt! It's fantastic. I think you made it work. I would pair it with long sleeves next time though. Since it's a shorter skirt, the sleeves will cover more skin making it more appropriate for work.

    I love the simple second outfit. You look like you're feeling better/getting back into your stride. Keep it up, Cara!

  4. I LOVE this outfit!! That skirt is really fabulous! It's a shame that it didn't work as well as you wanted it too, but the picture looks pretty office appropriate to me! Version 2 is really cute too! And um... I'm pretty sure I don't know what a booter is. :)

  5. I love both of these outfits, but especially the first with that skirt! You look fantastic. And I really have no idea what a booter is, does this mean I can tell my friends to stop calling me Canadian? (I grew up close to the border so for some reason they always assume...)

  6. Umm booter.. booter... I have no idea but I'm going to guess that they are uncomfortably large puddles that you have no choice but to step in and wish you were wearing boots or at the very least less absorbent socks? The skirt is really cute. Maybe the key is to not sit down at work. I mean, that's plausible right?

  7. I love that skirt - it really cheered me up.

  8. great job! =)

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  9. The skirt is certainly cute, but I can see how bending or getting up might be a problem. You just need some thicker tights, right? I dunno. But those jeans look SO good on you! The outfit works with either bottom really.

    The Auspicious Life

  10. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day too! :) I love both of these outfits, I feel like it's showing two sides of you! :)


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