Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I'm not sure that Wedding Wednesday will be an ongoing series, nor am I sure that this will even post on Wednesday. None the less, I love alliteration.

I've been having difficulty selecting a necklace for my wedding, despite the fact that the necklace was the first things for which I began shopping. In fact, I've even bought one or two which ultimately didn't work.  The issue that our theme is "Quirky casual vintage", and really, I'm not convinced quirky casual vintage is a type of jewelry.

Below is a collage: the top half of the small pictures are the ones that we've already decided on: the canning jars for candy, my engagement ring, the clutch (well, it's slightly different and in purple), my shoes (Chinese Laundry, for the record, and insanely on sale), gerbera daisy and kermit bouquet, and our cute little logo (designed by Scott).  We're aiming for a colour scheme of purple and white, with hints of bright pink and green. 

The dress is not mine, I'm far too careful about who gets to see that. However, the neckline is similar.

The bottom six pictures are ideas for styles of jewelry. 
1. V-shaped bib necklace - chosen because that's what the girl in the picture of my dress has on
2. Book locket - because I'm doing my Masters in Lit
3. Tatted necklace - has a casual vintage feel (and I could totally diy it!)
4. Pocket watch necklace - the boys' will possibly have pocket watches
5. Multi-string pearls - seems traditional
6. Leaf necklace - we're getting married outside.

Cast your vote either in the poll or the comment section!  All images (except for ring, dress, flowers, and cartoon us) from Etsy.


  1. I LOVE that bib necklace. I think it's chic, traditional and modern all at the same time.

    I can't wait to see pictures after the wedding, I'm dying to see your dress!!!

  2. I actually really like the look of the tatted necklace - it's old-fashioned but very elegant. Something like that in metal would also be gorgeous.

  3. Ditto what Sheila said. It will fit prettily in a V neckline without directly mirroring the shape.

  4. I love the tatted necklace like everyone else mostly it seems. It's beautiful and unique all in one. I think that would fit you to a T!

  5. Oooh, they're all pretty cute!! It's kinda a toss-up for the tatted necklace, the leaf, and the pearls! But I'm not sure you can go wrong!! :)


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