Monday, March 28, 2011

Apparently I'm popular... with my sister

I called my sister today, during a somewhat spare moment, and she answered the phone yet: "I don't know what you're wearing today." What I didn't tell her was that spare moment was when I was changing to go out for date night, so I really wasn't wearing anything.

I liked my date night look better, so that's what you get!  I try to keep it simpler on date nights... Scott's a "What's wrong with jeans and a white t-shirt" kind of guy at times, so I try not to go avant-garde or anything. See - I've got jeans... and a white tee... and a blazer... and a belt. and a necklace... and boots (oh ya... I didn't mean to have the black belt showing. I need it to keep my pants up, and I was in a rush to take pics, so I didn't remember to pull my shirt down!)

But off I go for my date!  I sure hope he's a keeper!


  1. You talked to your sister while you were neked? Scandalous!
    Have fun on your date. It can be hard to get dressy-dressy when your date is rocking old jeans and a tee. I think you struck the right balance.

  2. I love the belted blazer- what a great shape. Thanks for your super-uplifting comment the other day. It was just the little perk I needed! :)

  3. You look adorable with that skinny red belt over the blazer! I love it!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Lol spare naked moments! I think the red belt and necklace give a perfect touch to a casual date outfit. Hope you had a great time.

  5. Date night! And nudey chats! It's always awkward when a friend calls and your talking for a while and suddenly you hear them say "wait, are you in the bath?"... um yes?

  6. Nice pops of red with this, Cara!

    Hee at being nekkid on the phone - only happens to me in summer. :-P

  7. Actually the black belt looks great!


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