Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dancing Queen

Ok, the belt shifted higher because just before this picture, I was dancing like a freak. I tend to do that at my parents house, I think it's because I can't do that in my place, for fear of tripping over something.

My mom and sister hate the belted scarf. Whatever, I wore it anyway.

I'm seriously so tired... I haven't quite made it back to Regina yet, and I have to say, I'm glad I decided not to try and get there tonight. Sleeping on the road is a bad idea when you're the driver!

And a couple people asked where all the water will go when the snow melts... funny you should mention that!  My home town is currently being transformed. Over the summer, they received high levels of precipitation which raised the water level of the river running through the city. Then, they received high levels of precipitation this winter, as did the states directly below them. As a result, they're expecting a massive flood.  These sandbags (which will all be stacked 2 high) are all over the city. There are 2 major thoroughfares connecting the south end and the north end of the city, and both are now lined with these bags just so daily life can continue at somewhat of a normal pace. Just for a bit of perspective: you can't even see where the river is in that picture. It's pretty weird... and makes me a little glad I will still be away at school when this happens!!


  1. I think the belted scarf looks cute. I personally don't wear it because scarves frequently get taken off 5 minutes after I put them on.. but I love how you've got on polka dots socks and a striped scarf. ♥

    Take it easy out there. We've had some dealings with floods down South, and they're no fun.

  2. Serious sandbags! I haven't got to the belted scarf... mostly because I'm wary of belts. Maybe it will be an April resolution?


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