Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't know why, ain't no sun up in the sky, stormy weather

That's right - two weather songs in a row. It's not stormy here - knock on wood, cross my fingers, throw a pinch of salt over my shoulders. After my orthodontist appointment today, I'm venturing into the next-nearest-city to see my adorable niece... and my mother (which is weird - I'm currently at her house, and she's not!)... and my sister... oh, and I guess my brother-in-law. Though I'm pretty sure he's not going to jump on into the girly-ish activities we have planned. Woo hoo!! Addressing wedding invitations! Dress fittings!  I can't stand the excitement. (please note the lack of exclamation mark there... I am being sarcastic).

I was worried about the threat of snow/rain yesterday, so I left about 3 hours earlier than I had planned. However, I had planned to spend those 3 hours doing laundry. I did bring a basket with me, and did that yesterday afternoon, so I do have a fairly large selection of light coloured pajama bottoms, sweat socks and the occasional t-shirt, but I think I'll stick with my original clothing plan.  Remember yesterday's outfit? Add to that a tank top you can't see in that picture, and those are the pieces of clothing I"m working with for the next few days. I did bring another pair of pants, but those are mostly in case my little niece is still in her projectile spit-up stage.

I tried to take a picture of me amongst the unbelievable amount of snow still kicking around this here province, but the fact I had stolen my mother's tripod years ago came back to bite me in the butt, again. It's also a little too chilly out for jacket-less pics, but I toughed it out for you! And while those of you who are used to winter may say: "ya, that's just the drift from shovelling the driveway", it is pretty level through the whole yard.  Eeek!

I suppose I should mention this shirt. I was certain chambray shirts were going to win the first EBEW vote, and I didn't have one. But I lucked out, and didn't need to buy one. However, I was certain they were going to win this time, so I kept an idea out for a cheap one. I found one for $14 at Walmart that I loved. Tuxedo pleating, snaps perfect fit. But I refuse to pay $14 at Walmart. We had to run to another Walmart later that day, and I was still thinking about the shirt. However, it was $16 at that one, and I thought that was a touch ridiculous, so I passed again. On our way out the door, I spotted this one for $5. It was such a good deal that Scott decided that he'd even buy it for me!  It's certainly not quality, it's certainly not going to last too many trips through the dryer, but I've already worn it enough my ppw (price per wear) is well within the acceptable range!


  1. Cute layering. I love the undershirt. I never picked up a chambray top, but I'm not really thrilled with the 'maxi' for EBEW either. Especially since my mom dashed all my thoughts of not looking "that short" in my thrifted maxi.

    That snow is crazy! Hopefully spring will be making its way to you soon. Hope the girlie adventures weren't that bad.

  2. I like this casual sassy look! And the snow is unreal! What are we going to do with all the water once spring actually arrives?


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