Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowflakes keep falling on my head

Yes, I realize the song is "Raindrops keep falling on my head" but rain would be a welcome change to snow. Wait... scratch that. This time of year rain tends to be of the freezing variety, and I've got a road trip to undertake. Of course, the snow is putting that in jeopardy anyway.

Said road trip will kill my ability to blog as regularly as I like. And I have no contingency plan for getting posts up. It's part of my whole: "just deal with it" plan for this blog. I know... it's not a great plan. I like my structure... I like knowing what to expect!

I'm hoping to be away just over 48 hours... though 1/4 of that will be spent driving. I'm even heading out a day earlier than I need to just to ensure that I don't spend 1/2 my time driving.  So it'll be "drive... sleep... study... drive... sleep... drive...drive..drive... pass out in my bed (which I am now re-acquainted with, post-bedbugs, having spent so much time that one week being sick. I'm glad we made up).

And what does one wear when one will be driving? If I really was just following that schedule, it would be sweats and hoodies. But there are coffee breaks with friends... trips to the stationary store and post office... dress fittings... and baby snatching (I mean spending time being the awesome aunt. But seriously... she'll fit in my overnight bag, right? And my sister won't notice, will she?). But at only 48 hours, I should be able to stuff everything into my purse, right?


Wish me luck, it's time to go pack!


  1. Have fun! "See" you when you get back!

  2. Good luck! And enjoy the stationery store! (I'm a snail mail lover♥)

  3. Good luck with the packing, I hate packing! I LOVE the messy bun you're rocking today! It adds extra spice to this awesome outfit. You're right: let's keep rocking spring colors and hope for the best :)


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