Tuesday, April 19, 2011

But I'm bored all ready!!

I'm halfway through an extended out-of-province trip. I feel relatively safe telling you I'm not home, as any of you who attempt to ransack my apartment will discover that Scott is there, and really, breaking and entering is less fun if someone is home to see you.

The trip so far as been great, busy and, of course, a little bit crazy. Our drive out on Friday consisted of keeping a close eye on the flood waters that were starting to encroach on the road, which resulted in my father-in-law lending us his 4-wheel drive SUV for the next part of the trip. Of course, that section had no lane closures at all due to flooding, and while it was a very expensive trip, it was a lot of fun. I really felt like Bowser from MarioKart in it!

What hasn't been so great is the fact I'm already bored of the clothes I brought. I may need to go shopping. Having just seen the Joe Fresh spring line (I'm a little behind, maybe it'll already be on sale!!), I don't think that will be too difficult. Everyone needs a new Easter outfit, right?

However, today I'm still stuck with my boring old clothes.  Fortunately for you, I haven't photographed the previous 4 outfits I've worn using these items, so they'll still be all new and fresh to you, right!?! This photo doesn't really highlight the outfit, partially because it's not really something photo-worthy. However, it does also show you how much snow has melted since the last time I was at my parents. Three weeks ago, the snow was crazy. Now, it's almost gone!!

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  1. Woo road trip? At least you'll feel happier coming back to all your clothes. Plus the snow should be closer to being gone!

    I've never played Dragon Age myself. I'm a big sucker for puzzle games. Add in a psychotic robot and I'm sold. Lol!


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