Monday, April 4, 2011

Clothing Fatigue

A few weeks ago, I had blogger burn out. Now, I have clothing burn out. I really don't want to get dressed. Fortunately, it's the first week of the Easiest Blog Project EVER!

Here I am, ready for work. That's right. Work. In my jammies and my Snuggie. Hella relieved that I have an excuse not to put on a blog worthy outfit today, because Twitter just told me that I had forgotten all about this! 

I wore this to bed last night, and added the Snuggie this morning. All through this project I'm going to show you ways to style the Snuggie. My favourite is backwards. Why backwards? It's like a housecoat. Why not just wear a house coat? It's not big enough to wrap around you when your feet get cold, which is a constant issue with me.


  1. what a great idea to wear you Snuggie backwards.

  2. Aww you look so cute in your purple pjs. I don't have cute pajamas, otherwise I would have joined that project. I sleep in capri leggings and Hubby's t shirts.

    I am also jealous of your snuggie. My sleeveless blanket does not compare. XD

  3. Even your sleepwear is colour coordinated! Looking cozy!

  4. This is so cute- you have me wishing I had a Snuggie! I did my work in my comfy clothes today as well- perks of working from home!

  5. You're adorable. I totally want a Snuggie now.


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