Friday, April 8, 2011


I totally got dressed yesterday. And while I knew it was a cop-out outfit (ooooh... I paired brown and pink shoes with a brown and pink shirt... daring!!!), I was still going to blog about it.

But then a bottle of wine was opened. And cuddling on the couch, Youtubing our favourite music seemed so much more important than blogging.

I totally stand by my decision.

But today is the last day of classes for the term, and for many of my friends, for their degree program. While I'm still going to school through the summer, I fully intend on helping them celebrate. I'm not sure at this point whether it will be in the form of buying them or myself drinks (I have things to be done this weekend, but my love of fun often overrides my acknowledgment of responsibility). In any event, clothes were necessary.You'll see them tomorrow if I can get out of bed.

As for what trends I'm looking forward to for spring, as per Katy's FBFF request this week:

1. Sewing a maxi dress for EBEW this next week (and possibly cutting down to a midi - we'll see)
2. Pixie cuts. Trust me, I'm going to be rocking one by August
3. Lace. That just might be this morning's preference... we'll see if I stick to that.
4. Wide leg pants because my closet is full of them
5. The return of kitten heels, because I loathe the hidden platform neck-breaking height of shoes that have been around this last year.

I don't plan on purchasing any on-trend pieces this year. I know I'm moving so I know that means going through my closet, and I know it means facing the ridicule of my father-in-law who still talks about the sheer amount of clothing I had the last time he helped us move.


  1. Ooh I can't wait to see you in a pixie cut - it will look so cute. I'm warming up to lacey things. I just hope I can continue my luck in thrifting.

  2. OH! I forgot to do FBFF! As far as I can tell fun should always always come before pretty much anything else!


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