Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh, Camera, Where art thou?

I lost my camera. It turned up in my sister's purse, which makes me think she stole it. Why would she steal it? Because she wants to take over my blog.  Well, I asked her to do so over the next few weeks until I get my camera back, but she laughed.

Today, I officially welcome spring. I wore this outfit to say goodbye to fall (and start my first 30x30). I love wearing outfits again.  I didn't check the pic first, so I didn't wear the belt, but none the less, it was great to throw on after my shower, which wasn't until about 4:00.

Why so late? I'm done all the writing on my thesis. I wrote the final sentence on my conclusion this afternoon. I know there is a lot of revising and re-writing to do, but all my thoughts are down on "paper". I did buy champagne to celebrate!!

Oh, and how do I have pictures without a camera? I'm using Scott's camera. It's the exact same as mine... just a few levels in quality down. Please bare with me!


  1. Lo-ho-ho-ho-ve the green! I need a green dress. (I probably have one and just don't remember.) Hurray for being done with writing your thesis! That is definitely something to celebrate.

  2. Wooo! Congrats on finishing!! You look so cute in your green dress. Hopefully you'll get your camera back soon. I don't see much loss of quality in the image.

  3. You're done your paper!!!! WHoooooooo!!!! That is so exciting and deserves a very large bottle of champagne and maybe a jumping picture!

  4. Oh and also... that colour is stunning on you!

  5. WHOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPIEEEEEEEEEE!!! Congrats on finishing the paper. I'm guessing you'll breeze through those revisions!
    You look beautiful. Maybe it is the stress off your shoulders?!


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