Thursday, May 19, 2011

I need your help!

I'm wearing my favourite t-shirt and that's why you aren't getting pics of me.

It's not that it looks bad on me - it fits well and is brightly coloured.

It's not that it's so threadbare it's inappropriate - it's still fairly new.

It's just that I can't really do anything to make it blogworthy. Every time I put it on, I say: "this is the day that I'm going to blog this shirt" but my brain goes: "Ya, right, we both know you won't". Sometimes that causes me to take it off and put something else on. Sometimes it just means I get angry phone calls from my sister asking me what I'm wearing (does anyone else find that just a touch creepy... yet at the same time wish they could ask what other bloggers are wearing on days they don't blog)

Anyway, what I would love is if I could get some suggestions on an outfit I'll need next weekend.  In Manitoba, we have a weird tradition in which we have "socials" before a couple gets married. It's kind of like an engagement party and fundraiser mixed into one. Admittedly, the last social I went to was a number of years ago, and I didn't show up until about 10:30, dressed like the barely legal bar-fly that I was.

Of course, this is a social for my cousin and his wife-to-be, and I will be attending with my parents and potentially grandparents, arriving probably around 8. Add to that I don't really have any bar-star wear, and you see my conundrum... I have no idea how to dress.

Any thoughts??


  1. Wear what you might wear on a dinner date. A nice dress or trousers with a flirty top. Do up your hair and maybe a fun lip color. Just wear what makes you feel pretty and fun.

  2. Well now I want to see the t-shirt.

    So - the Social. Where is it? What's the weather going to be like? (Sorry, I need details.)

  3. A pencil skirt or even jeans, some shoes you can stand in/dance in/walk in, and a pretty/sexy top.

    Layer the t-shirt over another tee or a long-sleeved tee. Or wear a cami over it.


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