Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm never happy in the sun

I checked the weather this morning, and it called for early showers, followed by an overcast day. Since the bare legs in boots worked so well, I went for it again. Only issue is that I plan my outfits from bed, meaning they work really well... in theory. The boots? Weren't as tall as I would have liked. The skirt? Rides up way too much. By the time my bus arrived at the stop, I had already decided the outfit wasn't quite work appropriate.

What is perhaps the most surprising is that just the other week, I thought the outfit was church appropriate. The difference?  It was a few degrees cooler and so I was wearing tights.

Oh, and then it was super sunny and warm and I felt really out of season!


  1. Ah, you live in my world, where I don't actually try on 90% of my outfits. Makes for some interesting looks sometimes, doesn't it?

    I hope you found the email I sent useful. :)

  2. Tights can make even the shortest skirt seem angelic. Maybe not work appropriate but definitely looking good!

  3. I am right there with you on planning outfits from bed. I do that quite often as I am falling asleep the night before. The last time I did it, though, I had this beautiful paisley cami/tank that I wanted to wear. I got an amazing flowy blue crochet cardigan from Old Navy that drapes down to my knees. And I wanted to wear it with these amazing light khaki pants. In my head, it looked AMAZING!! In the mirror and the camera lens...RETCHID!!! I hate when that happens.

    This outfit is cute - sorry it didn't work out.


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