Monday, May 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

This weekend was a series of surprises. My sister and I had been scheming for weeks to surprise my mother for Mother's Day. Friday, we both jumped into our cars and headed towards "home" (3 1/2 hours east for me, 2 1/2 hours west for her). We patiently waited for her to come home from work, each of us hidden, but with my little niece sitting right at the top of the stairs.While we did have to wait an hour for her to arrive in (she went shopping), the panicked then happy look on her face was definitely worth it.

The surprise we got was the update on the flood situation. In a word: "bad", and for once, I didn't dread the trip back. I was rather glad to get to dry land (which is a little ironic: the city I live in now is rumoured to be built on a swamp/bog/wetlands type area). My family's home is well out of the flood path, and we're fairly certain my in-laws house is, as well. However, not everyone is so lucky. Since I left that city, yesterday, more roads have closed, schools have been forced to relocate, and evacuation orders have been given (for an area which includes a house Scott used to live in - eeeps!). River levels this morning officially surpassed what was originally forecasted, and the crest is still a few days away. Oh, and did I mention that the forecast is for rain for most of the week?

And in other news: I won't lie. I'm not dressed yet. I will get dressed, as Scott informs me it's date afternoon (we're going to go to Walmart - woohoo!!) However, I did get my camera back from my sister with an outfit picture or two that never made its away onto the blog.  This is what I wore to vote at the advanced polls on Good Friday (and the colour of the shirt does not reflect the way in which I voted!!) Scott bought me this wrap dress as an Easter present, and it's ubercomfy. But you've already seen it. And you've already seen the ruffly shirt I wore with it. However, it was the first wearing for both of these!


  1. Tell me more about Wal-Mart dates! I'm intrigued. Do you get kinky amongst the goods? ;-)

  2. Oh that flood stuff is scary. Scary, scary stuff.

    You lead a most exciting life. I wish someone would take ME out to Wal-Mart sometime. ;)

    That dress looks incredible on you! I love the ruffly top, too!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. I'm so sorry about the flood. It's so awful to be so helpless... LOVE LOVE LOVE the ruffly with the dress! You're like a flamenco dancer!!


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