Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rufflin' my Feathers

All right, I'm done my political rants - huge decrease in comments always means: "We don't like that".

To be honest, I was glad to have the distraction the last few days. The last couple weeks I've been feeling off, and I just can't get back up. I thought taking time to relax would work. It didn't. I thought I faking it until I made it would work. I don't know what my next plan is - maybe just wait it out.

However, inspiration is coming from everywhere for clothes these days. This morning, I could see someone on the bus wearing what looked like a red shirt, grey skirt, brown tights and black shoes. And you know what? As weird as it sounds, she made it work. So I tried it too.

I don't think I look as awesome. I did get to wear my new (thrifted) ruffly Ralph Lauren shirt!

Oh well! I switched my work schedule, so I'm only working 2 half days, so really, a failed outfit only has to bother me for a few hours!!


  1. I'm seriously staring wondering what didn't work? This look is fantastic. I love the thrifted top. Maybe you'd be more comfortable with knee high boots and no tights? I can't wait to see how you remix that top.

  2. Yeah, I like it too. That shirt is super-fun! I love giant ruffles.

    (BTW perhaps it wasn't so much "we don't like this" yesterday as it was "I don't know anything about the political situation in Canada so I have nothing to say on the matter" At least that was me! I have LOTS of opinions on the political scene here and sometimes I have a really, really hard time not saying anything.)

  3. I love this outfit - that red ruffled shirt is amazing on you!


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