Friday, June 24, 2011

Butterfly Army

I love these capris. Last night, when we had returned from 17 million errands (just when we thought we were done, we realized we forgot yet ANOTHER thing... ugh), I couldn't handle the short shorts any more (why can't muscles just always be flexed? Why do they have to turn to jelly when you relax?), so I threw these capris on.

I remember buying these at Walmart in 2006, the same trip I bought my gladiator sandals. Both were under $20 combined, and both were smart purchases. Sure, I've had more use out of the sandals but every year I throw these capris on, I can't believe I've forgotten how comfortable they are. And how handy it is to have lots of pockets.

Today my Dress my Best feature is my feet. They're little. They're cute. They can still fit into kids shoes, which doubles my shoes choices!!


  1. Don't you love that, when you buy something on a whim super-cheap and it ends up becoming such a favorite piece? I have small feet too - awesome! I love that I can wear pointy-toed stilettos with a skirt and not be self-conscious that my feet look like kayaks. :)

  2. Hooray for wearing kids shoes! YAY! And ditto what Taylor said about feet not looking like kayaks in pointy toes.

    I love rediscovering old clothes so they're like new again! Especially when they're so comfy!

    Hope you had a great day and have a great weekend too!

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  3. Love your butterfly tee! And those capris are great.

    I wish I could fit into little kids shoes. I have boat sized feet (9 1/2 - 10). Ugh!

  4. Yes, they are small and cute and these capris do a good job of showing them off!
    BTW, the butterfly tee is cute too!

  5. I love wearing capris. Especially during the spring and summer months. I also love your butterfly tee shirt.


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