Monday, June 20, 2011

I love these shoes. I didn't think I could love a casual shoe as much as I love my black sneaks' but these "let's pretend they aren't knock offs of Toms or Keds" kind of rock my world. I'm going to live in  these shoes this summer. They slip on and off so easily, I can wear them with socks or barefoot, in jeans or (extremely casual) skirts. I wore some ballet flats on a walk with Scott and realized that if we're going to see Vancouver on foot (ok... a small portion of Vancouver), I'd need some walking shoes. I splurged a whole $30 on these and I've already got my money's worth. The only reason I won't wear them all week is they aren't exactly work appropriate. But I will wear them for the commute!

All I need now for honeymoon apparel is a pair of walking sandals and a waterproof jacket. Any leads on where to get stylish versions of both in Canada without shipping?? (Stupid Canada Post strike... ever tried to plan a wedding without the postal service???).

And I'm taking part in Academichic's Dress Your Best, and today I'm featuring my lower legs. I know, this is similar to my "nakles" of last year, but I love how my calves look in skinny jeans. Sure, they may look a little thin in flats and a skirt, but in skinny jeans, I love them.


  1. Nakles? :)

    Seriously, how DO you plan a wedding without the postal service? You should write a book on that.

    I'm glad you found some cute and comfy sneakers! I'm sure they'll come in handy!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Cute look! I love the way you've got your hair pulled back. The shoes are really cute. If Toms didn't cost so much I'd probably buy a pair. I know they go to a good cause, but I rarely wear casual shoes.


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