Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's like they can tell a storm is coming....

Just before the big earthquake hit Japan, apparently whales fled from Hawaii. I should have guessed something would be up for tomorrow when I arrived at work, and everyone was surprisingly casual. Even though I'd gone down a step or two myself (these pants aren't exactly dress pants), I was shocked to see high numbers of sneakers, untucked shirts and bold patterns. Sure, it's Public Service Week, but other than a barbecue lunch today and cake tomorrow, what's the difference?

Then I opened my email and discovered that our meeting with an executive director had been cancelled... so we would be free to meet with an assistant deputy minister (I figure about 4 steps below the Prime Minister, but I could be wrong. I'm not good with org charts). Goodbye slacks and sweaters, hello business suits. Still not sure what I'm going to wear (I have a nasty bruise on my leg which makes it hard to be taken seriously), but good thing I had advanced warning!

This vest I picked up last week at Value Village - $4!!


  1. Oooh, great vest! I love that necklace too!

    So. Big fancy meeting, huh? That sounds foreboding. Whatcha gonna wear?

    And how's your stomach feeling now?

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Wow, so much going on. Hope you find something good and businessy to wear.

    I love that vest! So cute. I love it paired with lime green and teal. I think this is one of my top fav outfits of yours.

    Also re: skirt - I'll be hanging onto the stuff currently in my swap pile until the beginning of my Fall semester. Then I'll be clearing it out for fall/winter updates. So if things clear up with the postal service, we'll work something out.

  3. Wow, just finished reading through your last few days, Cara, and how crazy things are for you right now.

    You look amazing - I love this vest! I also love the blue/purple worn with the suit.

    I hope things settle down with you soon!


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