Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's summer!

Hello all you new people coming to see me!  The traffic around here has been insanely awesome!!! I know you're here, so let me know who you are!!

Last night, Scott finally broke down and admitted that my hogging of the hanging space was getting to him. We were out for beer and nachos, discussing the issue of storage at our new apartment (we're essentially losing a full closet. Ugh. This will be difficult), and he said he was going to insist on more space in the little bit we'd have. I reluctantly agreed (marriage trumps wardrobe). When we got home, I did discover that there is a good 2 foot space left in the closet we share... notably on his side!  But none the less, what my baby wants, my baby gets (I don't actually call him my baby, and typing that felt really weird, and pedophilia-ish).

This morning I was yet again reminded of the mass amount of clothes I must have. I spent 10 minutes looking for a pair of shorts that I swore I hadn't given away (highwaisted denim dark wash with no back pockets and vertical slit pockets in the front, bought in 2001). Apparently they are no longer in my possession. Sure, I could blame it on the changing of seasons, but how much stuff do I have that I could forget that I didn't have those (wonderful... though I'm guessing they didn't fit or something) shorts any longer?

Instead, you just have to deal with these shorts. I am very self conscious in shorts, in a way I'm not with dresses or skirts. I think it's because I have inner thigh issues. But these shorts, so long as I'm standing, are fabulous, because they remind me that I have narrow hips. Sure, my torso may be narrower, and thus make my hips seem a little bigger, but I certainly do not have a right to join the ranks of "I hate my hips".  They're not childbearing hips (and Scott wonders why I'm all about the "stolen" aka adopted babies...), and they may get sore and stiff in winter, but give me summer and a sundress, and they're about the best!

Oh, and who am I stealing from today? Meagan Mae, Hillary and Taylor were all wearing variations on a theme on Tuesday - red/orange and blue. I commented to each of them that I loved, but was a little afraid of the colours. Of course, I'm always one to conquer my fears, so I knew I had to steal their colour scheme! I added green (and went with red instead of orange, as I did orange with this jacket for Thanksgiving)


  1. Have you considered a hanging rack/collapsible closet? I got tired of fighting over the one closet and just got a rack for myself. Makes things so easy now.

    Also I am so glad someone else finds the endearment "baby" creepy. I'd sooner call DH "schmoopy muffin" than "baby".

    Congrats on going for those bright colors. I think they work together so well. I LOVE those sandals. They look amazing on you. You've got the long legs to pull them off.

  2. I don't like "baby" either! Unless I am referring to an actual baby.

    The shorts are fun. I hated shorts and never wore them until literally last month. Now I own five pairs! I'm owning it, baby! (Couldn't resist.)

  3. Love, love, love those colors on you! And those shorts look great. I'm the same way with the inner thigh issues. Exactly. Shorts tend to ride up in the inner thigh area because my thighs rub together and it's not a comfy kind of feeling. I don't like 'em.

    Was that TMI for a comment. Oops. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. I'm not a shorts fan either... Too much leg, though am totally ok with short skirts (just have the fear of too much wind and therefore too much bottom). The colour look great! I just love getting inspiration from other bloggers, it seems like a much more attainable standard of beauty. Also, 10 points to you for broaching the great closet compromise with charm!

  5. I love this outfit! You look so summery and fresh, and I would totally kill for those awesome lace-up gladiators.

  6. Cute shorts! And the color combination is great!

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