Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's too hot to have meetings

Today is supposed to be warm. Not quite as warm with the humidity as yesterday, but still rather close. Naturally, I have the problem of figuring out how to look smart and professional, all while contending with the heat and Regina's infamous wind. 

What makes it all harder is the fact that I've already made a list of what I want to wear for the two weeks that we're away. With all these outfits pulled together, I just want to slip into one of them! I also really want to wear my maxi dress, but it seems it had a bad run in with a pair of scissors. Ooops.

While I initially decided against going for a skirt (since I'd be walking the windiest intersection -- in my opinion -- in Regina), I literally threw caution (in skirt form) to the wind.

And today's dress your best? My side. When I'm not happy about squishy bits in front or back, my sid awyas gives me a silhouette that reminds me that consistency and size are two very different things.


  1. Adorable jacket. I know what you mean about side pictures. Even on days where I feel bloated/clothes aren't fitting, I can still take sideways pics and go "okay it's just an off day".

    When it's really hot I stop caring about wind issus and just go for the skirt. If I'm really concerned, I'll wear some boy-short style undies and say to hell with it. Summer kills me XD Hope you made it through with minimal mishaps.

  2. I love, love, love that jacket with the a-line skirt. I hope you didn't give anyone a free show in the wind. :)

  3. That jacket is lovely! (I'm the same as Megan, I usually wear a pair of bike shorts under my shorter skirts, just to be on the safe side.)

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