Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping it business

My alarm usually goes off at 7:00, giving me enough time to hit snooze once too often, rush madly around for the outfit I wanted to wear but can't find, do my hair twice (because it never works the first time) and barely make it to the bus at 8.

Today, with our important dignitary visiting this afternoon, I moved my schedule to start work at 11 instead of 8:30. Suddenly, 2 1/2 glorious hours were mine (Scott JUST learned that you shouldn't talk to me in the morning. Not even hello. I won't yell, I won't bark. I'll just ignore you). I slept in, I read blogs. I contemplated going for a run (but decided that last night's free-cake-regurgitation may still have left me a little weak). I showered leisurely. Then I rushed madly around for the outfit I wanted to wear but couldn't find, did my hair twice (because it never works the first time) and barely made it to the bus at 10:15.

It's always hard to judge the dress code when someone important comes into the office. Unless they're meeting the press, they're usually business casual. However, there is the odd time they show up in a full suit. If they can wear a full suit on a plane, what's my excuse? Of course, outdressing everyone else in the office is also a risk that isn't always good to take, especially since I'm a student, and this dignitary will really have no effect on my future but those who I might outdress very well could. Between "that student that thinks she's better than everyone else" and "that student that doesn't know how to dress for a dignitary's visit" is a very thin tightrope to walk.

So I took my own advice. Always dress brightly but professionally, and be able to adapt as necessary! I broke up my suit (which always reads as a suit so long as co-workers know you have both pieces... black pants and a pinstripe blazer is professional when together, but "I was cold" when seperate). I used contrasting colours. I kept accessories to a minimum.

The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that I wore pants. I know I've had the conversation with some of you about pant suits vs. skirt suits, and I fell firmly on "skirt suits are better" (possibly because I work in an organization which actively seeks to recruit women). However, my giant bruise is all the more giant, and nothing derails "Professional" like the legs of a 6 year old boy.


  1. Haha, my family (and in-laws) know better than to talk to me until about an hour after I've woken up. Otherwise it results in Death Glares and garbled responses.

    Not sure if I weighed in on the pants vs skirts, but I see pants as being more professional if only because "Men" are more likely to take you seriously. The idea of skirts (note I said: idea) invokes a limited feeling in people. I think it's a associated feeling of limited movement that skirts tend to have.

    You look great though. I think you look very professional, but still stylish. I think your hair also looks particularly nice. Not sure if this is try one or two, but it turned out well.

  2. This is perfect. You look fantastic! I love the bright colors with the black suit. I agree with Megan that pants have a tendency to invoke more respect from men - but I like skirts so I wear them anyway. :)

    I am the SAME way in the morning! Although...I may growl or bark. I might also ignore, it just depends.

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  3. Your advice is perfect! I think you hit the nail on the head!


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