Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NEBEW: Lace*

I had come up with my lace outfit back when I thought I'd be working today. Actually, I came up with my lace outfit in the midst of our bedbug fiasco, when I was at Le Chateau looking for something work appropriate that wasn't sealed in plastic. I threw the outfit together and got Scott's opinion: "Don't you have something like that at home?" He was right.

I'm not at work today because I'm being proactive and am hoping to sort out the multitude of thesis related issues that cropped up last week. I'm also being realistic in that I know my expectations are not going to happen, because if that was the case, the issues of last week wouldn't have cropped up. As a result, I've drafted a "Plan B" which isn't my ideal plan, but it's better to change your expectations on your own than to have someone else force expectations on you. I'm also hoping that by taking control of the situation, it will also help me take control of my emotions.

And in the name of feeling like I have control of the situation, I knew that today would not be a day to throw on a lace skirt without feeling more 'feminine' than 'powerful'. And while I will have to check out the EBEW ranks to see if people can indeed feel both in lace, I had to reach for something that I knew would give me confidence (and have pockets for Kleenex in case I lose my resolve). 

*Not Everybody is Wearing Lace - not a slight to the EBEW team, but rather a sulky "I wanna play".  I may, however, wear the outfit tomorrow. Probably won't link up (I forget how long the window of opportunity is open), but I'm wearing lace in spirit!


  1. I LOVE black and purple together. The necklace goes great with that neckline.

    I saw a number of good edgy lace outfits. I went through a lot of blogs though, so hopefully you'll see some good ones for inspiration.

    To quote my English 1020 teacher: "Language is fluid, the world is constantly in flux."

    Keep yourself open to change, but still try to stir your own ideas into the mix and you'll head toward where you're meant to go. You'll do great with how hard you work. Good for you for taking charge!

  2. Lace or not, you look fantastic. Purple is a wonderful color on you and I really love that jacket.

    I think it's smart of you to be open to change, and to create a plan b for yourself before something else is forced upon you. You're a smarty. :)

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