Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring fake out

Remember when I said it was my 500th post? It wasn't. Turns out Blogger counts drafts as post. Why is it a post? I think until that "publish" button it's not a post, it's a thought, an idea, a fetus of a post. Le sigh. Wait for the 500th post coming up!

Do any of you ever get ideas in your head that you don't necessarily believe, but follow none the less? I can't wear black in spring/summer without thinking: "But this is such a winter colour!".  In fact, I've avoided black for most sunny days. Today was not sunny, and I needed a quick and easy outfit, since I let myself sleep in this morning.

Granted, I could have gone more wild with the colours. I could have worn a shirt that wasn't also black. Nonetheless, I like the yellow and pink.


  1. I tend to think of burnt orange as being autumnal. I'm trying to get over the whole seasonal dressing thing because I'll put together and a great outfit and think "That's not very (season)" and won't wear it.

    I think black is fine for summer though. It's a neutral. I like the pink and yellow together, they help to bring out the dark outfit.

  2. Ha, "fetus of a post," good description.

    I agree with Megan - I also think burnt orange = autumn but I have worn it before in warmer weather. It just felt wrong, though.

    I am loving this sillhouette on you - and the pink + yellow + black is fab.


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