Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stealing the look

First of all - I'm on the hunt for newer, smaller blogs to follow. Why do I want newer smaller blogs when I'm so obviously behind on following the "Big Ones"? Relationships. I totally appreciate the bloggers who have hundreds/thousands of followers when they reply to comments left, but lets be honest - it's impossible to develop good relationships with them simply because they just don't have the time. So recommend a friend's blog... your blog... the blog of someone who comments on your blog!

Secondly, I sit down every Monday night to write a blog post with the vain belief that a) I know what I'm going to wear, and b) I'll have time to take, edit and post pics before work. It never happens. But if I had everything ready to go before work, I wouldn't have been able to tell you about this story! All day, I noticed people checking out my knees. While knees are rather odd body parts, by the end of the day, I began to think "You know, I do have rather decent knees as far as knees go. Sure, I'm not overthrilled with the little "bump" above the knee cap, but I earned that bump... that's the muscle which controls the movement of my knee, and it took 6 months of physio to get that working. Maybe I should really be proud of my knee" Then, when I got home the first thing Scott says to me is: "Wow, that bruise under your knee looks really gross and yellow".  Evidently that's where everyone's attention was focused!

I stole this outfit idea from the outfit Taylor from It's My Cardi wore yesterday. While Taylor went a bit more mint on her colours, but I've been wanting to get more use out of this yellow belt. Stop by and check out her version!!


  1. I'm also looking for any new blogs if you find any favorites that you don't mind passing on. I've met some people and really enjoy their blogs. But many have left the blog world intentionally or disappeared without a trace. I know it's hard to make the connection with bloggers who are "big" but I've tried not to let that deter me from commenting and trying. But it is nice to meet other bloggers who are at your "level" and build friendships as you grow.

    I try to have a mix in my blogroll so I can gain from the experience of others but also be able to comment and get feedback from real people. It's hard when comments are just a mix of "nice shoes" when you really want to find the people who will leave you epic rambling comments about your favorite books/movies/brands/food.

    Speaking of epic rambling - I passed that awhile back. So let's keep going! I think you have very pretty knees. Which is odd to say - but it's true! I tend to call my own knees "owl knees" because the dimples and bumps (from being an active, but klutzy kid) in them look like barn owl faces.

    I love your interpretation of Taylor's outfit. I loved it on her and love it on you just as much. Though, your shoes! Serious love. Are they "pumdals"?

  2. For what it's worth, I don't think the bruise is that bad. Granted, I can't see it in person, but that doesn't matter. I think you're beautiful regardless of whether anyone else thinks your fiance beats you. ;)

    I totally love this outfit. That skirt is SO fun, the belt is perfect and you look great.

    So for new blogs...well...my friend Charisse started one (Pretty In and Out) recently and I adore her. Otherwise, I'd have to say the ones that I feature on Mondays are usually the ones where I feel more connected with the writer.

  3. Love these shoes, you look fab!

    I hear ya about the smaller blogs vs. the bigger ones. I like reading the bigger ones, but I don't usually comment. I like to comment on blogs where I feel like mine will be read. :)

  4. I agree with wanting to try some new smaller blogs. I like to learn about people. I figure that people looking at your bruised knee is not so bad. Once upon a time I noticed that I was getting a lot of looks as I wandered around town. I began to strut, thinking that it must be because I looked good. When I got home I discovered that I had a rip in the back of my skirt and I wasn't even wearing cute underoos!
    I love how the yellow belt brightens everything up!

  5. re: following smaller blogs - Hear! Hear!

    Having a smaller blog myself, I tend to look up in awe at the bigger blogs, but it's in the smaller blogs that I really feel like I have a relationship with them.

    Love this outfit - the yellow belt is fab, and your shoes are so cute!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  6. Come over and follow my blog if you want! I'm always on the lookout for smaller blogs to follow as well, and you have been in my Google Reader for a while now.

    Cute outfit! I wish I could get away with a narrow belt, but my body type just doesn't work that way.


  7. I love this look on you! I like your belt better AND those shoes are awesome. (I also like "smaller" blogs... I normally scan over the popular ones but really take time on the others!)

  8. I'm a small blog! I love your belt and I love comments - stop by sometime!

    I liked reading about how you featured your knees, because I do everything possible to hide mine. One of my Dress Your Best parts was my legs, but I still struggle with liking my knees. So rock on!


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