Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Variations on a theme

Yesterday, I dressed for heat, and when I walked out of work, the temperature was nice - not too hot or too cold. Today, I was smarter - I thought I'd check the hourly forecast so I could see if I could get away with pants or a longer sleeved shirt, if the temperature wasn't going to skyrocket until much later in the day. While that may have been the case yesterday, it certainly was not today. Hello, 31 degrees by noon, not to mention the type of humidity that makes you feel like you've peed your pants. It's the one time when I take solace in the windy nature of this province.

Unfortunately, the office I work in enjoys its air conditioning. I rarely turn on my air conditioning, unless Scott demands it (demanding more closet space? air conditioning? I make him sound like a tyrant! Ha!) Going to work means allowing someone else to control my temperature. Sigh. If there was ever a time for layers...

My outfit today is not that different from yesterday's in pieces: a dress (of the spring/summer variety) and a jacket with not-full-length-sleeves. However, the silhouettes are different, and if I must say so, I like this one better. I find this dress makes me look freakishly long and lean so I tend to avoid wearing it without something to break it up.I love how the light green of the dress, the light blue of the cami and the pink in the jacket details really work together to bring their colours out. This has to be my favourite example of colour mixing for the work place - conservative but still bright!

And today's "dress my best"? It's my hands! I feel like I'm cheating off of A from Academichic for this one, since she mentioned it the other day, but it was on my list! My hands are small. My ring size? 2 3/4. Needless to say, my engagement ring wasn't sized when Scott proposed. Most people don't believe him when he tells them. Most people don't believe me when I tell them, either. I've had people size me, and still not believe it (often, the lowest they'll agree to size it is a 3). But small though they be, they can hammer on keys when typing, manipulate needles when knitting and open jars (they're kind of freakishly strong for their size).


  1. Wow, and I thought my ring size as a 4 was small! You do have tiny hands! I think tiny hands are beautiful.

    I love the color combination you have going on in this outfit! That jacket is really fantastic. I want one!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Perfect for the workplace and the silly heat of today. I think that I'm going to take myself to a park. Now I'm going to sound like a stalker but judging from your balcony pictures I'm thinking that you live right by the University???

  3. I thought my hands were small, but compared to both you and Melissa they feel big! My band clocked in at 4.75 and my anniversary ring I wear with it is a 5. I guess it's not too bad if you haven't lost the ring!

    Hooray for lime green and shapely sandals!


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