Monday, July 25, 2011

Cara's Closet: Wedding Gown Edition

Do you know how hard it was all last week to not select pictures for the other wedding related posts that didn't include me? It was difficult!! Fortunately, only once did I resort to a little photoshop magic, but I was in there anyway, blurring out people's faces.

Choosing accessories for my wedding dress was probably more fun than picking out the dress. I spent so much time on Etsy, it was kind of ridiculous. However, it also meant having the exact look I wanted - regardless of geographic location.

I purchased two of these headbands, and turned one into a veil, so I could easily swap them out between the ceremony and reception. Honestly, I wasn't even going to wear either of them before I went to my hair appointment (which was kind of a nightmare - my stylist was MIA), so I left the decision up to my mother and sister, since I figured I wasn't calmed down enough to make any logical choices.

The necklace was supposedly from the 1960s (I'm a little dubious) but I loved it all the same. It's not high quality by any means, but I liked the size of it. Inside, I had a picture of my grandparents, both of whom have passed away. It was nice to have a small momento of them with me.

The shoes (Chinese Laundry) I picked up super cheap at an after-Christmas sale. Scott talked me into a shorter heel hoping they'd be more comfortable, but I didn't end up wearing them for a lot of the night anyway.  And the garter, which I definitely cheaped out on (but added my own D20 as a nod to Scott's nerdicism) fell apart before the garter toss. Oh well!

 And this pin I think is probably my best find. The seller claims it's from approximately the 1920s, and given my (limited) knowledge of jewellery from this time, I'm tempted to agree with her. Finding pearls and amethysts together in a vintage piece was difficult, but it was certainly better than the ugly brooch that came with the dress.

And finally, I'll let you see the dress.  It's Jasmine F313 (I really wish that Jasmine dresses had better names). I find the pictures so fascinating. There were some issues in the dress fittings, where the dress was sitting improperly, making the front poof out and my butt feel gigantic. Even once they fixed the problem, I just never stopped feeling unneccessarily huge in the dress. Looking at pictures, I keep trying to criticize how it fits, even though I know it's just all in my mind.

Oh, you mean you wanted to see me in the dress?

Trust me, getting to the location for that picture was not easy. The pathway was flooded out, so we had to crawl over rocks. I may have broken a toe. But I love that picture!  My favourite picture is of the back of the dress:

And since I'll only get married once, here are a bunch of random shots which I love so you have to put up with!


  1. What a gorgeous dress - and the accessories are fantastic! I love the location in that first photo!

  2. Beautiful Beautiful!!!! The dress is gorgeous and you look stunning and happy in it! YAY!

  3. You look so gorgeous! The dress suits you wonderfully. Your wedding has been very beautiful and so you.

  4. You are BREATHTAKING. I love every little bit of your dress, your accessories, and just everything. I'm so glad to finally see your dress!

  5. Congratulations! You look gorgeous, and you two make such a cute couple!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  6. I think the locket was a beautiful way to have your grandparents with you.
    My grandfather passed away 3 months before I married which made walking down that isle tear free very difficult.
    I have to say that your wedding pictures are absolutely breathtaking. These are magazine material - just beautiful.


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