Friday, July 22, 2011


You've already seen the boys suits, so really, doing a post dedicated to what Scott wore is kind of derivative. However, I like to create suspense for what I wore... which means you do have to wait until next week!

Scott and the boys all had pocket watches (which I'm not sure if you can see in the picture from Wednesday), which we presented to them, monogrammed, to thank them for their involvement in our day (the girls got the clutches they were carrying).

I also bought Scott some cufflinks off Etsy. The seller believed they were from the 1960s and made of ebony and steel.

We chose a purple shirt to add some colour to our couple pictures (I love colour - can you tell yet?) and accented it with the purple lisianthus, the pink gerbera and a green kermit boutonniere.

What made Scott all the more colourful was the fact it never occurred to us that after 3 hours of pictures, he might be a little sunburnt. Fortunately, our photographer did an admirable job of photoshopping that out, but in the pics we've seen on Facebook, he looks painful!

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