Thursday, July 21, 2011


I couldn't decide what thrifted piece to feature, so you get all of them!! I feel like I'm cheating this week - only one live blog post! I hope I'm still taking pictures of what I'm wearing - if it's cooled down enough to put clothes on!

Thrifting has been in my bones for as long as I can remember. Usually, it was for costumes, but the older I got, the cheaper I got, and the more I rely on thrift shops for my clothes. Here are probably only a sample of what I have thrifted over the last couple years

Plaid Wool Dress (AE)

Green hooded Sweater*

Army Jacket

Green plaid jacket

Maroon Skirt (Jacob)

Knit Dress (Ricki's)*

Cherry Sundress

Tunic (Le Chateau)

Tunic (Le Chateau)

Denim Skirt

H&M Shirt

Red Jacket

H& M Jumper

H & M Blouse

Skirt & Jacket*

Plaid skirt**

Ruffled Shell (Ralph Lauren)

Skirt & Sweater

Purple Tank

Flowered Dress

Denim Skirt**

Tweed Jacket

Tweed vest

Cowboy boots

Table Cell
* Denotes an item headed for the thrift shop
** Denotes an item already returned to to the thrift shop

And these are only the items purchased at a thrift shop... it's not counting the hand-me-downs, the swaps, the outlet bargains or the online (used) purchases. And at only 2 dozen, I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot a few items! In fact, I just remembered an off-white shrug I still haven't had a chance to wear!!


  1. You're a pretty awesome thrifter! I want to come steal that red jacket right off you. XP So many cute outfits!

  2. You're a genius. Please come shopping with me!

  3. Wow-you do love to thrift! I do too! If you're interested, I host a weekly thrifting link up on my blog. I'd love for you to participate!

  4. What a lovely post with some fabulous outfits. You have a wonderful sense of style and great figure to show it off.

  5. I have a strapless plaid dress that look!

  6. Holy smokes! You are a thrifting queen!!

  7. I like the outfit with the green plaid jacket. I know in a past blog entry you said you dont wear the narrow black belt exposed, only to keep your pants up, but I have the exact same belt and I think it looks great not covered and with jeans I wear mine all the time, you should wear it out in the open more! I get compliments on it with my jeans and i'm tall like you so I know it would be great for you, think about it.


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