Saturday, September 3, 2011

And now I have something to say

You know how some days you don't have anything to wear, so you don't blog? And other days, you don't have anything to say, so you don't blog? Yesterday was one of those. Today, I'm wearing what I refer to as a cheater outfit (a nice top and jeans with black ballet flats), which look pulled together, but it is really super basic. And that's about all I could say about that. However, I just returned from shopping with my mother for a dress for an upcoming family wedding.

As per usual, we had to talk my mom into buying the dress, being more than she'd usually like to spend on an item (I got my thriftiness from her... and my father. Really, it's surprising my sister ended up with such expensive taste). However, we did discuss cost per wear, and all the ways she could remix the dress.

What occurred to me afterwards is how economically based our discussions were. How can we justify this purchase DESPITE its cost. I wonder how often the cost comes into play when we decide to put something back on the rack even though we may love it.

Wouldn't it be better if we put on an outfit, decide what the outfit is worth, based on how we look/feel in it, and then compare it to a price tag? There are outfits in my closet that make me feel like a million bucks... and even though I thought their price was exhorbitant when I bought it, it's still a small amount compared to how awesome I feel in it.

Of course, this is day 3 of my "no retail purchases" budget, and going to the mall was a test of will power, so I may just be trying to justify the purchase I almost made (fortunately, on an item not on my size), but none the less, for those of us who do keep our purse strings a little too cinched, it may be time to think about how much we're really worth when we're tempted to put that dress back on the rack.


  1. Very thoughtful post, Cara. I love that idea of assessing the outfit *before* we look at the price tag.

  2. A very thoughtful post. Buying for the winter/school year means I have to consider cost VS ppw VS how I'll feel in the item. So I've been doing a lot of self-bargaining. I ended up talking myself out of a few pricier things so I could take one last thrifting trip (Cold turkey shopping ban is going to SUCK).. but I did invest in a few key pieces that do make me feel amazing and that were items I'd wear again and again. So balancing thrifted items and quality leads to a happy closet.

  3. Yesterday I tried on a blouse that I wouldn't have normally looked at because it was marked down to $14. It was amazing on and I picked it up. Then I dithered at another top in a weird colour and almost bought just because of the price, even though the colour is terrible on I think I always look at the price, even if I shouldn't :)


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