Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...but my hair is already straight! (A Review)

Let me preface this by saying I cheap out on my hair. My shampoo and conditioner are frequently on sale for a couple of bucks, and even at that, I am contemplating buying them at Costco to bring the unit price down. I've been using the same frizz serum for 5 years... as in the same bottle. I get my hair cut, on average, 4 times a year. Needless to say, my current hair straightener probably cost me $20. My hair had a bit of envy at the end of August when every one and their dog seemed to get a straightening iron to review from Misikko. However, just as I was about to steal my sister's more expensive straightener when I was babysitting Miss E one night, I received an email offering me one from their Hana Professional Line.

Since Brian selected the product they wanted me to review, I did nothing with the website prior to the review. However, I did play around with it, and it seems pretty straight forward! They carry a number of lines like Hana and Chi irons. However, I was gifted a Hana Professional 1 1/2" straightening iron. You can also check out their various hair products and make up items, like Model in a Bottle.

Within a week, it arrived at my doorstep (and with CanadaPost, my preferred method of shipping). Brian was kind enough to label the customs papers with "gift" so I can't say much about the customs charges, but Misikko does broker customs charges, so they not only let you know before you finalize your order, but you also pay for them at the same check out. No doorstop surprises here! The product certainly was packed well - not only was there little chance of damage, it also came with wonderful gifts!

Quality of product

For the record, my hair is straight. And limp. With minimal frizz. It's kind of funny that I would be asked to review a product that aims to achieve hair I already have. However, I do straight my hair to ensure every single strand does what I want (I am a control freak, can you tell?). My initial reaction was "Wow, it's like gliding over butter!" Sure, it's a fairly smooth process to straighten my hair, but there was nary a tug or a catch! Plus, it's powerful enough that I needed to divide my hair into fewer sections, meaning less time in the bathroom! Win!

Here is my hair before (air dried) and after. See? Poker straight, limp hair... sigh... I'm slowly coming to terms with you, hair!

The product did heat up rather hot (it is professional grade, and I did ensure I used the appropriate temperature for my hair type), so be careful to not grab the body of the straightener even when closed. There are "safe" spots at the top for extra control.

I tried a variety of techniques with the iron: poker straight, flipping under, flipping over, and they all seemed to work adequately well (my hair decides it's going to do one, and then resists doing another immediately after. I can't blame it). I even tried to do curls with it. This was not so successful. Perhaps it's the thickness of the plates (I currently have a straightening iron half this size that I have used for curls), or the fact that it does move so slickly, I can't tell.

I used the straightener in conjunction with the Hana Shine Shield Thermal protector, and found that it kept my hair silky all day, and didn't have that greasy effect my past-its-prime serum can have.I'm not crazy about the scent though.
Post-curling attempt static cling... eeeek!

One issue I did have was static. Perhaps it was because I was over-straightening, but after playing around for about 10 minutes, my hair had a mind of its own.

The Verdict
Overall, I'm confident in saying this is a good straightener, and if you want or need to invest in professional grade, you can't go wrong with the Hana professional line. The design of the product was great, the quality was great, and while it's certainly more straightener than I need, I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to play around with a curling iron or hair dryer from the Missiko collection!


  1. Good review! I heard these are like the holy grail of hair straightners!

  2. A good straightener can make all the difference! Cute silly faces!


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