Friday, September 23, 2011

Dudes, I'm uninspired.

I'm still in the whole: "I'm new, I'm a little weird, maybe they should get used to my personality in small bits before I shove it in their face with my clothing choices" phase. It's translated into: "Take pants. Layer shirts. Add blazer. If there is time, choose funky shoes." 

There was not time yesterday morning. And since I haven't figured out how / when to post Friday outfits, you can just assume I'm wearing something very similar, but with trouser jeans instead of of dress pants.

This whole getting dressed thing is tiring.


  1. I find is so much easier to plan outfits in full on winter rather than any other season. I think that this uniform works, at least until you feel comfortable!

  2. I agree w/Daniella -- uniforms are good for fall-back, till you know just what you want to convey. And your uniform looks really good!

  3. I think you're doing pretty well for getting dressed/posting. I love your necklace and that purple top. Maybe pre-make some outfits by hanging/laying them together at the beginning of the week. You can add/remove what works the day of and makes editing a little easier? I know I find myself more inspired or at least pulled together when I try to do that.

  4. I'm in the same funk. I'm changing up my proportions, but am missing the mark. I fell back on my tried and true the other day aka the uniform.
    oh, well, I guess we can keep trying!

  5. Hey, I've done the same casual uniform about a hundress times! I can't wait for fall clothes!

    And I think you should just say, "What the hell" and wear what you want! Life's short - dress for it!

    Megan's right about the planning. Put together 5 outfits on Sunday, then just pick and choose for the rest of the week, or play with an outfit.


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