Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Let this outfit forever be known as the outfit I was wearing when I was offered a job.

Ok, this outfit is my go-to outfit for fall (despite having never photographed it before - odd), and had absolutely no relation to the job, as the offer came via email. My in-laws happened to be in town so we went out for lunch to celebrate my new job, my father-in-law's new job, and Scott's very belated birthday. The outfit was perfect for all the extra stretch room necessitated by breadsticks. Mmmm.... breadsticks.

The new job starts on Monday, (which is coincidentally the first day I'm starting my "Maison Mondays" - I technically live in South St. Boniface, I can get away with some Franglais, right? - debuting the decor in my new apartment), so look forward to work outfits on Tuesday. I'm guessing the office is business-business casual, so certainly in my comfort zone.

And for the record - they enjoyed my blog (insert awkward face here)


  1. Woo! That's so exciting, Cara, congratulations! What kind of job is it?

    Awesome outfit - my work's HR dept just found my job too, so yeah, AWKWARD. :0

  2. Congrats on the job! Love the navy and orange with the sweater. The boots are awesome too!


  3. Congrats on your new job. That is kinda awkward that they like your blog.

    mmmm...breadsticks make everything better. :)

  4. Wooo! Congrats! Navy and orange are great. And a big cozy scarf. Hope you did lots of celebrating. And awesome that they liked the blog. =]

  5. FANTASTIC NEWS!!! So so so excited for you! What are you going to be doing? I'm always so nosey when it comes to jobs!


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