Monday, September 26, 2011

Maison Monday #2

The Office / Guest Room
Scott has "control" over the office. What this really means is that I can't nag him to clean it as often, and that he gets a little more say than usual over the decor. Not that he really had much choice - there certainly wasn't a budget for decorating this room beyond pictures, since we had to use most of the budget for this room on a printer extension cable.  Now let's not get into the unbelievable price of those... (beyond saying it was only marginally cheaper than a wireless printer. If we needed ink, it would have tipped the other direction).

Despite needing a longer printer cable, the room is probably a little smaller than we need for our purposes. We figure this arrangement is the only way for the room to be functional. At least, that's what I'm telling myself, since re-arranging it means taking apart all the furniture, moving it into the small hallway and using all the physics and spatial geometry I know to get everything back in.  

We went with the same colour scheme from Scott's bedroom from when he was in university, tans, browns and blacks. We've tried playing around with accent colours, but in all honesty, I'm not in there enough to really care!  

My favourite part of the room is the wall with the pictures. All the photography you'll see was taken by me, 90% of which was done on our honeymoon. I can't really see the point of tchotchkes, so I'm always at a loss when it comes to mementos from trips. This loss resonated all the more poignantly when it came to our honeymoon. However, with minimal funds for decorating, a decent camera, and fun little creatures to photograph at the aquarium, it became obvious that this would be a perfect way to solve both problems. They're black and white in the room, but I've posted them here in full colour (click on each to see bigger, if you want)


  1. I think your office looks simple and clean. Which are my favorite things in decorating. I am not big on knick-knacks or things meant to just sit. My family (both inlaws and blood) are huge into hoarding little trinkets and give stuff as gifts. I'm constantly getting rid of the 'clutter' so I don't fault you for keep things minimal.

    I really love your photo idea. It's personal, and very tasteful. I love the jellies. =] Jon and I went to the Ripley's aquarium (in Gatlinburg) for our first year anniversary. I took lots of photos, but lost them in a computer crash.

  2. Photographs are my favorite form of decorating, especially when taken by myself. They have more meaning than conventional prints and I share your aversion to knicknacks. These particular photos are great: interesting subjects and beautifully crafted.


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