Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quasi-existential Revelations (or the power of cozy jammies)

I woke up with a horrible attitude, and it stuck with me until 2:30. It ranged everywhere from "I'm fat" to "They're going to fire me" to "Scott's going to leave me". I do lack "The Logics" when I get grumpy. But around 2:30, I had a little snack, spent a little time fighting with the copier (does every office seriously have one piece of technology whose goal in life is to make mine a living hell?), and decided: "you know, life can be nice, if you let it". Despite it not being the more existential revelations of all time, it worked.

Of course, coming home and putting on cozy jammies, watching copious amounts of whatever-tv-show-i-want-because-no-one-is-here-to-judge-me, and making some yummy delicious chili really helps too. More than quasi-existential revelations.

I'm a little afraid to look at the pics of this outfit, because I put it together in my head as I was falling asleep and I really liked how it looked in there. I do owe my sister. She came over a week or two ago to borrow some clothes for a wedding. There was one dress she was looking for (the one I'd styled in my "how to wear a bridesmaid dress again"), so I told her it was in behind a suit bag. Of course, she questioned why that suit bag had a suit in it, if all the other suits I own weren't given the same treatment. I had no reasonable explanation, so I liberated the jacket this morning.

I'm still finding my way through the office dress code (they did inform me pajamas were not permitted... not that I, or anyone else, was in violation of that rule), but it does seem to be veering highly casual. Of course, the little rebel in me kind of wants to go full-on suit and button down shirt tomorrow. Guess you'll have to check back to find out!


  1. That is a serious grump spanning everything! I'm glad you pulled yourself out of it. I have those too sometimes and I've made myself a little sign with goals on it. One of them being "pull yourself out of grumpy funks".
    I love the little pink sneaking out of the cuffs!! I would rebel in every way that I could: full on suit one day, jeans the next!!

  2. I love the colors in this outfit. Really clever.

    Pajamas?! Anyone who needs to be told that doesn't deserve to have a job...

  3. It sucks to wake up in a bad mood, but it happens to all of us sooner or later. I'm glad you found a mantra to get you through the day. I like to think "calm...calm...calm" when it seems like everything's going wrong.

    Good to know the dress code doesn't include pajamas? Weird. Did they really need to state that? I wonder if someone did wear PJs in the past, hee hee. :)

  4. Great colors in this outfit!! Plus, you look super pretty in this picture. Your hair and skin is just gorgeous.

  5. I certainly hope you are day got better! Some days I have the same feeling, this is all just going to crash and burn! The outfit looks great especially on a day where you are feeling not your usual self!

  6. Sending lots of e-hugs. Those kind of days suck. Glad you snapped yourself out of it. I think the outfit came together great. The mix of pink, purple and red looks great.

    I totally agree that pajamas are so innappropriate, and anyone expecting to work in them has got to be crazy. I mean, in one of my classes, there's a girl who comes in her pajamas everyday, and I realllly hope she's not going to be one of those people.

  7. I really like the colours of your sweater and the blazer is beautiful and I love the grey tights! I hope you're feeling less blah- sometimes it's just one of those days!


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