Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rain Rain, Go AWAY!

So Monday, the zipper split on my dress.

Today, my purple shirt stained my white cardigan.

Working is hard on the clothes!

Not to mention rain being hard on the feet. Despite having had to revise my clothing plan for the week, I didn't account for large amounts of rain. Brrrrr.

And my favourite part of this outfit? Isn't clear enough in these pictures to even tell you. Sigh. I'm tired. Is it bedtime?


  1. Well you do look a little tired - but youir outift is still fab! Sorry about the sweater -- white is so hard to keep that way. Love the shoes.

  2. Oooh brr! Pumdals are not rain shoes. It'll get better. Hey, at least you looked fab. Deep purple is a very lovely color on you. I love the collar.

  3. Ha, I see you posted in the morning. It's bedtime now! :)

    Love the purple shiny shirt on you and your legs look a mile long in those pants.

    FYI, this is Sheila of Ephemera. Blogger is being annoying and not letting me stay logged in to comment.

  4. The shirt of wondrous beauty stained your cardigan? What??? Jerks! maybe it was just trying to spread the joy of it's colour?


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