Friday, September 30, 2011

This is fall

This dress is my fall dress, partially because I bought it at the end of summer last year and thus wore it mostly in fall, but also because I love pairing it with jackets, boots or tights. Or, like in this case, all three.

I know, I know, casual pictures are supposed to be much more comical, but there's something almost demure about the outfit that didn't seem to go with devil horns, or dead fish faces.

And seriously - the casual comical pictures, are they just weird?


  1. Super cute dress, I love layering with boots and tights too!


  2. Yup, the darkness of the blue makes the dress perfect for fall.

    I can't get over how delicious you look in those boots and colored-tights: that's one of my all-time favorite combinations.

  3. Love this fall outfit! Love the darker florals and how you added the tights and boots :)

  4. You look adorable- those boots are drool worthy and the print of the dress is perfect on you!

  5. Cute dress and I looove the heel on those boots. Wonderufl. I think pose however feels most comfortable for you. ;)

  6. Love how the boots bring a bit of sassiness to the cute dress.

    And no, I don't think the casual poses are weird at all. They're fun!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  7. I like the brown tights and brown boots. A very leggy look!

  8. The boots are cute!! I love the tights with them. It creates a long, lean look.
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