Thursday, October 13, 2011

I can make it!

We had plans last night. Let me tell you, I was excited. Sure, it was with the same group that we'd been with on Monday. And Thursday. And the previous Monday. But it meant I had friends. A regular group of friends.

As exciting as it was, it was also daunting... coming up with unique outfits that often is hard! I grabbed an outfit from Pinterest for inspiration, but quickly changed my mind while showering. Afterall, it was a birthday party, why not wear something snazzy? So I snazzed up. And then quickly realized it was a boys birthday party, we were likely eating pizza and then going to watch a movie - at the cheap seats. Ruffly skirt, you shall have to wait.

So I went back to my pinterest outfit. It took some pushing and prodding to get pieces that worked together (it was laundry day, and I hang a lot of stuff to dry. Since my underwear was still a little damp when I put it on, the go-to pair of jeans certainly wouldn't be any better)

As a final twist, I decided to try something I'd learned from Sarah from Wearing It On My Seleeves. She looks gorgeous every day, and so pulled together, a feat that is difficult when wearing casual clothes. She pairs every outfit with glistening hair and bold lips. Encouraged to re-try my lipstain, as suggested by readers the other day, I gave it a try. Let me know what you think - if you can tell. My battery was dangerously low, and we were under a big dark thundercloud, so poorly lit and one take was the best I could do!

PS - The thundercloud opened up for quite the storm. I may have switched to rubber boots


  1. You succeeded. It's funny but with casual clothes, all it takes is a little sparkle to create a lot of interest.

    Here, the dimensions of your outfit are well-chosen: cuffing the pants was smart. Putting a cherry on top (the red on your lips) works perfectly and transforms the entire look into something special.

  2. Love your casual outfit. The cuffed pants are adorable, and I really like your lipstain!


  3. ooh I love it. The lip stain looks great on you!

  4. Well you ended up with a pretty nice outfit if you ask me! I like the layering and the bold red lips!

  5. Adorable! Love the rolled skinnies with those shoes.

  6. thats cute! love how casual and comfortable it looks!

  7. Lovely layers - but wow! I really like the bold lip color on you. I actually think it looks great. Also I agree with Keely, those shoes are adorable and look great with those jeans.

  8. That's a fabulous lip stain, Cara! You have luscious lips!


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